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Earn money

Get the monetization tools you need to generate revenue from your app.

In-App Purchasing and Paid Apps now live in Mexico. If IAP or Paid Apps is already enabled globally for your app, there is no action required.
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Amazon Appstore offers you the tools and reach to grow your apps’ revenue, while delivering a great customer experience. You can begin building your app by choosing a monetization model that aligns with your business goals as well as meets your target market’s expectations.

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Sell digital content or goods

Enable in-app purchases (IAPs) in your app or game using IAP API to offer your users the option to purchase physical or digital goods, and subscriptions.

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Get paid to show targeted ads

Generate revenue by displaying targeted ads from Amazon and other advertisers to your customers using Amazon Publisher Services (APS).

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Charge a download fee

Generate revenue by charging an upfront, one-time fee for users to download your app and have access to its full functionality.

Monetization tools

Earn revenue by selecting one or a combination of monetization tools for your app.


In-App Purchasing

Use In-App Purchasing (IAP) API to offer digital content such as extra lives for a game, virtual currency, or subscriptions, for purchase within your apps and games.


Increase conversion

Reduce friction and increase revenue by allowing customers to make purchases in your games and apps using their Amazon accounts, Amazon gift cards, and promotional credits,

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Fast, hassle-free transactions

IAP API manages end-to-end purchase flow, performs payment processing, provides a receipt to your app, and manages rights to the purchasable content, so that you do not have to code these things yourself.

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Secure transactions

IAP API handles secure communication, including payment security, providing you the protection your business needs and peace of mind you deserve.

IAP use cases


Promote your ‘Freemium’ service
Customers download your app for free and IAP enables customers to purchase advanced features at a premium.


Enhance games
Drive higher engagement through IAP as customers are able to purchase currency, new levels, extra moves, or lives.


Subscription service
Customers commit to regular payments to enjoy access to your app’s content.

Monetize your apps and grow your business through in-app bidding with Amazon Publisher Services (APS). With a unified auction, buyers compete for your inventory, helping improve CPMs and increase revenue.


Scalable server-side integration

Get access to a large demand footprint from multiple buyers, including Amazon demand. Discover and add new demand partners without additional development work.

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Flexible support

APS works with most mediators or ad servers. Whether you are a large game studio or a small utility app, you can increase yield by enabling incremental bidding alongside your waterfall.

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Better user experience

Your app makes one ad call and APS handles the rest server-side, helping decrease latency and improve user experience.

Developer Promotions Console

Create temporary discounts for your apps, games, and in-app items using the Developer Promotions Console to incentivize your customers to purchase.


Increase customer spend

Create price drop campaigns for your apps and in-app items that run for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 27 consecutive days – at no cost to you.

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Easily measure ROI

Monitor and measure the performance of a specific price drop campaign using detailed reporting.

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Flexibility to manage pricing

Set a percentage-based price drop across all your items or manually adjust the price of your items by marketplace.

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