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With Amazon Underground, you will make money from 100% of your users. Amazon will pay you for every minute spent in your Amazon Underground app by every user.

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Amazon Underground will help attract more users to your app with content that’s actually free.

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Amazon Underground lets you focus less on monetizing and more on creating great user experiences.

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Most paid or IAP Android apps will work with Amazon Underground.

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Developer spotlight

goat simulator
Goat Simulator

CEO of Coffee Stain Studios, Anton Westbergh, shares how a game about a destructive goat led to over 7 million paid downloads worldwide and became one of the top grossing games in Amazon Underground since launching in August of 2015. Learn more >>

final kick
Final Kick

Spanish Footballer Gerard Piqué shares how Kerad Games has seen an increase in downloads and revenue since launching in Amazon Underground. Learn more >>

loud crow interactive
Loud Crow Interactive

Calvin Wang, Founder and President of Loud Crow Interactive, Inc., says "If you want to get your apps in the hands of as many users as possible, this is really the way to go." Watch what other developers say >>