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over 200 million devices
Over 200 million devices

Reach customers in over 236 countries and territories across more than 200 million devices. Learn more about devices we support.

Small Business Accelerator Program
80/20 revenue share

Developers that earn less than 1 million USD per year automatically receive 80/20 revenue share. Learn more about small business developer benefits.

Port your apps
Port your app

Fire OS is based on Android, so you can use the same tools, IDEs, and APIs for development. Learn more about porting your apps to Amazon Appstore.

Distribute your app across devices

Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV

Develop for the leading streaming device with millions of viewers worldwide. Learn more.

Fire tablet
Amazon Fire tablets

Build immersive experiences that connect, entertain, and engage customers. Learn more.

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4 ways to use AWS for your mobile app

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