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Retention Offers

Retention offers allow you to offer discounts to customers who subscribe to your app and are considering canceling their subscription. A customer that starts the cancellation process is asked for the reason that is causing them to consider cancellation. Options they can choose from are: price is too high, dissatisfied with the content/service, dissatisfied with my device, something else, or prefer not to say. Regardless of the reason for cancellation, you can offer a discounted price to eligible customers for a duration you choose. If a customer accepts the offer, the discounted price is applied starting from their next renewal, for the length of the offer period, as defined in the offer.

Retention offers are currently only available to customers through the Amazon retail web. If you are looking for information on how to set up list price drops for your apps or in-app items, see Price Drops.

Customer eligibility

A customer can select any reason for cancellation to see the retention offer. You can configure retention offers in the Developer Console and choose the amount and duration of the discount you want to offer.

Cancel your subscription. We don't want to lose you! 50% off; $4.99 for the next 2 months; Regularly $9.99. Sounds great, keep my subscription. No thanks, continue to cancel.
Retention offer customer experience

After you configure an offer through the Developer Console, customers will be eligible for the offer if they meet the following criteria.

  • Has an active, full-price subscription (cannot be on a free trial or other offer)
  • Has not benefited from a retention offer within the last 12 months (customers can only take advantage of one retention offer per subscription within a 12-month period)

Create a retention offer

Retention offers are set up in the Promotions Console. You can access the Promotions Console from the Developer Console dashboard by selecting Apps & Services > Promotions. To create a retention offer, click Retention Offer > Discount In-App Items.

. The option 'Discount In-App Items' appears in the drop-down menu of the Retention offer button.

The retention offer creation workflow has three steps: Define Campaign, Define Discount, and Review & Submit. You can cancel the creation process at any time.

Step 1: Define campaign

After selecting Retention Offer > Discount In-App Items, you are taken to the Define Campaign tab as shown in the following image.

Define Campaign tab. Fields include 'Campaign Name', 'Select App', 'Select Amazon Marketplaces', 'Set Start Date', and 'Set End Date'.
Define Campaign tab

Follow these steps to create your campaign.

  1. Enter the campaign name.
  2. Select the target app using the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the subscription on which you want to enable this offer. You can set up retention offers only for subscription items that don't already have an active retention offer.
  4. Select the tier or term of the subscription for this offer. If a subscription has tiers, you must select the tier first, and then the term.
  5. (Optional) Add additional subscriptions to this campaign.
  6. Select one or more marketplaces where you want to make this offer available. This drop-down will be inactive until an app is selected.
  7. Choose the start and end date for this offer. Dates are in UTC.
  8. After all fields are complete, the Next button becomes active. Click Next.

Step 2: Define discount

On the Define Discount tab, you enter the list price discount percentage and term duration for each subscription that you selected in the previous step.

Define Discount tab. Fields include 'Round to the nearest 9', 'Set percentage discount', and 'Term Duration'. There is a section that allows you to set the adjusted list price for each available marketplace.
Define Discount tab

Follow these steps to set up your discount.

  1. Set Round to nearest "9" preference.
    • If you would like the calculated adjusted list prices to be rounded to the nearest 9, check the box.
    • For example, if the original list price of your subscription is $5.00 USD, and your discount is 50%, without rounding to the nearest 9, the adjusted list price would be $2.50 USD. With rounding to the nearest 9, the adjusted list price would be $2.49 USD.
  2. Set the discount amount.
    • For retention offers, the discount is defined as a percentage of the original list price.
    • The percentage must be a whole number, decimals are not allowed.
    • Valid values for this field are 1 through 100.
    • The discount will be automatically applied on all selected marketplaces, but can be manually overridden, as described in step 4.
    • Each marketplace has a minimum price. Hover over View minimum prices to see them. The price must not be set to lower than the minimum for the marketplace.

      Minimum prices
      Marketplace Minimum price
      US 0.99 USD
      UK 0.59 GDP
      JP 85 JPY
      CA 0.99 CAD
      BR 1.99 BRL
      DE 0.69 EUR
      FR 0.69 EUR
      IT 0.69 EUR
      ES 0.69 EUR
      AU 0.99 AUD
  3. Set discount term.
    • On the previous tab, you chose the term for the subscription discount. On this tab, choose the duration of the discount. For example, if the term you chose was monthly, here you choose the number of months you want the discount to be applied.
    • The duration must be a whole number, decimals are not allowed.
    • The duration must be lower than the maximum limit for that term.

      Max term limits
      Term Max term limit
      Weekly 3
      BiWeekly 3
      Monthly 3
      BiMonthly 2
      Quarterly 2
      SemiAnnually 1
      Annually 1
  4. (Optional) View and override the prices for different marketplaces. To view the prices, select View the original and discounted prices for different marketplaces. To override an adjusted list price, click the Adjusted List Price field for a specific marketplace and enter a different price.
  5. After all fields are complete, the Next button becomes active. Click Next.

Step 3: Review and submit

On the Review & Submit tab, you can review the selections you made on the previous tabs. If you want to make changes, select Edit next to the information you want to update. When you have completed reviewing and are ready to submit, click Submit. The campaign is created and you are directed back to the Promotions Console.

Review & Submit tab. Lists the offer details. 'Edit' appears next to each field. Other options are 'Cancel', 'Back', and 'Submit'.
Review & Submit tab

Manage a retention offer

After a retention offer is created, it's added to the campaign list on the Promotions Console. In the campaign list, you can see the current status of an offer. A retention offer can have a status of Scheduled, Active, or Ended, as described here.

Scheduled. This offer is not yet active. You can view or delete this offer.

Active. This offer is currently active. You can view or end this offer.

Ended. This offer has ended. You can view this offer.

View a retention offer

After creating a retention offer campaign, you can view the details of the offer, such as discount percentage, adjusted list price, and units sold, in the Promotions Console.

To view details of an existing retention offer campaign, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Promotions Console.
  2. In the campaign list, find the retention offer and click View.
The Promotions Console with the Retention Offers tab selected. Four retention offer campaigns are listed. The campaigns have options 'View' and 'Delete'.
Retention offer campaign list

Delete or end a retention offer

A retention offer in the Scheduled state is not yet active and can be deleted. To delete a retention offer, find the offer in the campaign list and click Delete. If you delete a retention offer, the Promotions Console will no longer contain the offer details and the offer will not go live.

If a retention offer is in the Active state, you can end the offer immediately, instead of at the scheduled end date and time. To immediately end a retention offer, find the offer in the campaign list and click End.

Last updated: May 31, 2024