Developer Console

Simple Sign-in Reports

Use the Appstore Developer Console to review and download Simple Sign-in (SSI) reports for your apps.

Simple Sign-in report data

The Simple Sign-in report contains daily data for customer engagement with the SSI feature in all of your apps in the Amazon Appstore. The data includes:

  • When a customer opts in for account linking.
  • When a customer chooses to sign-in using a previously linked account during subsequent sign-in attempts.

Downloadable Simple Sign-in reports

Use the following steps to download Simple Sign-in reports:

  1. On the Developer Console dashboard page, click the Reporting tab.
  2. Select Download Center in the left menu.
  3. Select Simple Sign-in Reports in the main panel.
  4. Select the month of the report that you want to download.

This CSV file is updated every 24 hours, but the data might take up to 48 hours to refresh.

Simple Sign-in report FAQs

Q: Can I use the Reporting API to download Simple Sign-in reports?
Currently, downloading the Simple Sign-in reports through the Reporting API is not supported.
Q: Do the Simple Sign-in reports include any customer-specific information?
No. These reports provide daily engagement data indicating when a customer enabled SSI or used SSI to sign in. These reports do not include any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
Q: Can I download the source information from the overview page after I apply the required filters?
This capability is not currently supported.

Fields in the Simple Sign-in reports

The CSV file is a text file with a .csv file extension. The CSV file must use UTF-8 encoding to support localized strings.

The CSV file contains one header row (which displays the column titles). Each subsequent row in the file contains the information for one report item. The following table describes the fields for each entry (row) in the file.

Field Type Description Example
ASIN Alphanumeric String Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for the App. C00006M4PF
AppUserID String Unique customer identification for the customer SSI event. hQygC+MjonyR2Z0TMY03nyxeVxqIHq3+rK39TGzhkk0=
EventName String EventName has the value Enabled Simple Sign In or Login Success. Enabled Simple Sign In
EventTime Timestamp The date and time when the event is triggered. Format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS XST, with 00-23 as the range of hours. XST is the time zone. 2022-12-26 05:20:23 UTC

Last updated: Mar 13, 2023