Developer Console

Developer Promotions Console

Use the Amazon Developer Promotions Console to manage pricing for your apps and in-app items with pricing campaigns. Create new campaigns at no cost. Access detailed reports that will show you the ROI of each campaign.

The Promotions Console allows you to create price drop campaigns that run a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 27 consecutive days. Pricing is worldwide, so you can set discounts by Amazon marketplace. You can run campaigns to manage the pricing of your mobile apps and your mobile in-app items. You can also create retention offer campaigns to provide a discount on an app's subscription to help retain customers that are considering unsubscribing.

The Promotions Console include the following features:

Create price drops – Create price drops for your mobile app and mobile in-app items to create an incentive for your customers to purchase.

Create retention offers – Create retention offers for your app subscriptions to create an incentive for customers who are canceling to keep their subscriptions.

View campaign information – View detailed results of your campaign in the console.

Control your pricing options – Set a percentage-based price drop across all your items or manually adjust the price of your items by marketplace.

Promotion campaign

A promotion campaign is a collection of promotion activities, which we sometimes call a 'Promotion'. Each promotion campaign is scheduled to have a start date and an end date. When the start date of the campaign is reached, the promotional offer is activated. Each campaign may consist of multiple apps or multiple in-app items.

Promotion activity

A promotion activity is related to one particular ASIN and one particular marketplace. While scheduling a promotion campaign, if a promotion is targeted towards multiple marketplaces, a different activity is created for each app in each marketplace.

Campaign types

The Promotions Console supports price drop campaigns and retention offer campaigns. Price drop campaigns can target consumable and entitlement in-app items, or the price of your app. For details on how to set up a price drop campaign, see Price Drops. A retention offer can be set up for in-app subscriptions only. For details on retention offers, see Retention Offers.

Last updated: May 31, 2024