Developer Console

Release Notes

New and updated capabilities in the Reporting Experience product releases.

Release 20181231

New and updated features

  • In the Appstore Dashboard, you can apply a filter to display sales data for a specific set of dates (up to a maximum duration of three months).
  • You can now download subscription reports from the download center.

Release 20181015

New and updated features

  • The new overview page provides a single snapshot view of your Amazon Store performance over the past week, month, or year.
  • You can filter by one or more Apps and see the performance of that app, IAPs, and subscriptions associated with that app over multiple marketplaces along with key trending information.
  • You can download all CSV files and reports from a single location called Download Center. You can view transactional sales data to understand how sales and earnings are derived. App-level earnings are now available for each transaction, rather than just a summary.
  • Monthly earnings and payments are consolidated into a single report which you can sort by marketplace or month. Reporting now provides new status flags to keep you informed on the status of payments, and to help explain any delays.
  • In previous releases, sales reports and earnings statements were based on different time zones. As a result, if you mapped the actual sales numbers to the earnings statement in a given time zone, the numbers did not match. Starting with this release, all sales and earnings are based on the marketplace time zone, so there is clear end-to-end mapping.
  • Appstore data and Twitch data are now presented on separate tabs.
  • To improve system performance, all sales, earnings and payments data will be available only for the current year and the previous 3 years.
  • In previous releases, Underground sales data was available separately in the Console. Starting with this release, Underground sales data is available only through the downloadable transactional CSV file.
  • In previous releases, you could select any time duration within the last year to display the reports in the Console. Starting with this release, you can display data for the past week, month, or year. You can download the CSV file to do more granular analysis.
  • ASIN level earnings are available starting in the Jan 2018 downloadable CSV files. For invoices prior to Jan 2018, ASIN level earnings can be derived from the ASIN levels sales information (after accounting for royalty payments).
  • We currently do not support the Internet Explorer browser.