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Test Pending Purchases

A pending purchase can be initiated from the Amazon Kids experience. A child can make a purchase request, which is then reviewed and approved asynchronously by a parent on their own device. For more information about Amazon Kids, see the What is Amazon Kids? help article.

To test Pending Purchases, follow the instructions on this page. The Pending Purchase feature is only supported for entitlement and consumable in-app purchases. Pending Purchases is not available for subscriptions.

For more information on how to implement other features of Amazon's In-App Purchasing (IAP) API in your app, see Implement Appstore SDK IAP. For information specific to implementing the Pending Purchase feature, see Implement Pending Purchases.


For this guide, you need the following:

  • Fire tablet device
  • Android Studio IDE

Download the Appstore SDK

You can download the Appstore SDK on the SDK Downloads page. The download includes the JAR file, API documentation, and examples.

Implement Pending Purchases

To implement Pending Purchases in your app, follow the instructions in Implement Pending Purchases. Then, return to this page and continue with the next section.

Set up App Tester for Pending Purchases

App Tester is a tool that enables you to test the in-app purchase flow locally before uploading your app to the Appstore or Live App Testing. This section explains how to install App Tester and how to use it to test Pending Purchases.

To see detailed instructions, click the following button.

Set up a live integration test

After you have implemented Pending Purchases in your app and tested it locally using App Tester, you can start a live integration test.

Follow these steps to set up and run your test.

  1. Create an Amazon Household with parent and child profiles.
  2. Set up a Live App Test with the version of your app that has the Pending Purchase code.
  3. In the Amazon Kids app on your Fire tablet, add your app to the child profile and enable in-app purchasing.
  4. Initiate an IAP from within the child experience to test the Pending Purchase flow.

To see detailed instructions, click the following button.

Last updated: May 22, 2024