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We’ve introduced new features to help you optimize the customer experience, expand services, and streamline processes. Here’s a roundup of updates we’ve rolled out recently.

Deploy and Manage Alexa-Enabled Devices and Experiences at Scale  

Learn how you can build business-enabled solutions with new tools for management of Alexa-enabled devices at scale. We’ll dive deep on how to use devices, enable Alexa skills, create customized guest experiences, and more. Use cases include hotels, senior living, and residential properties.


Alexa Smart Properties: Customize Visual Experiences on Devices with Screens

Alexa Smart Properties is powered by a set of technologies that property owners and managers can use to deploy and manage Alexa-enabled devices at scale. Learn how to offer visually-appealing, customized experiences. You can display information about your property, enable room service ordering using touch-screen and voice, even display specials at the property. Increase engagement by providing customized notifications and visual messaging deployed and managed at scale for properties.   

Build Your First Alexa-Scaled Hospitality Solution without Coding


Learn how to build scaled voice AI experiences for business by using an API console for fleet management. You’ll see how easy it is for skill developers and solution providers to utilize the tools.  

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Viewing analytics

Get actionable insights into aggregated device usage and engagement metrics indicating how guests are using Alexa at your property. These insights are presented in an interactive dashboard, displayed using AWS QuickSight on the Alexa for Hospitality console.

You also have the option to download the aggregated data in CSV format to analyze with tools of your choice. Analytic reporting includes:

  • total count of devices
  • active device trend over time
  • dialogue trend over time
  • top ten dialogue categories by dialogue count
  • top ten custom skills by dialogue count
  • dialogue distribution for customer’s custom private skills by intent

All reported data is anonymized and provided at an aggregated level for guest privacy.

How do I get started?

Sign in to your Alexa Smart Properties console to read more about these features in the Admin Guide and how to use them.