What's new with Alexa for Hospitality

We’ve introduced new features in the Alexa for Hospitality console to help you optimize the guest experience, expand services, and streamline processes. Here’s a roundup of updates we’ve rolled out recently.

New updates that make it easier to setup and manage thousands of Alexa devices, and offer value to your guests.

Now you can integrate Alexa APIs into your services and products to offer voice-based intelligent experiences to your properties and manage them easily and efficiently at scale. With this launch, you can programmatically setup, customize, and manage thousands of Alexa devices and offer experiences, including contactless, dynamic language switching, visual interaction, and a wider choice of Echo devices to properties.

New features

Voice is important and growing

Learn about how voice is not only natural and intuitive as an interface but the newest interface that continues to be widely adopted   

New features
Retired woman baking in the kitchen with her Alexa echo family device

Managing experiences in bulk

Managing experiences in bulk can help you save time and deploy more efficiently. You can now create up to 6,000 properties; create, edit, or delete up to 25,000 rooms; and associate or disassociate rooms for currently supported Echo Family Devices with a single CSV upload. You can also set a global room type for these properties to define experiences such as the default music station or skills using the Alexa for Hospitality console.  

New features
Woman in her kitchen looking into the living room, speaking to her Alexa echo family device.

Transferring device management

Property owners can now remotely transfer management of their devices to a Solution Provider.  A Solution Provider can initiate a request for the transfer, which the property owner must approve. Once the devices are transferred to the Solution Provider’s account, they can assume ongoing management of these devices.  

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Viewing analytics

Get actionable insights into aggregated device usage and engagement metrics indicating how guests are using Alexa at your property. These insights are presented in an interactive dashboard, displayed using AWS QuickSight on the Alexa for Hospitality console.

You also have the option to download the aggregated data in CSV format to analyze with tools of your choice. Analytic reporting includes:

  • total count of devices
  • active device trend over time
  • dialogue trend over time
  • top ten dialogue categories by dialogue count
  • top ten custom skills by dialogue count
  • dialogue distribution for customer’s custom private skills by intent

All reported data is anonymized and provided at an aggregated level for guest privacy.

How do I get started?

Sign in to your Alexa for Hospitality console to read more about these features in the Admin Guide and how to use them.

Alexa for Hospitality is currently only available in the USA. Stay tuned for exciting upcoming launches.