Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living
Create voice-enabled experiences that ease the burden on your staff and drive resident engagement.

Alexa Smart Properties is the technology imperative for Senior Living

The Senior Living industry is battling a plague of loneliness in older adults, severe staff shortages, and rising operating costs. Alexa Smart Properties and its voice-enabled technology can help.

Increased resident engagement 

See how Alexa Smart Properties helped increase participation in Atria Engage Life® events by 50-75%

Alexa Smart Properties fosters independence and connection

Voice commands allow residents to easily control their environment leading to increased safety and connection. 

"Alexa, call the front desk."

Residents can control their environment and get assistance quickly and easily. 

"Alexa, what are the activities?"

Remind residents of activities and information, no printing necessary!

"Alexa, call my son."

Two-way video calling allows residents to contact their loved ones.

Delight residents and staff

At Fellowship Square-Mesa, baby boomers bring high expectations and want voice technology to be a part of their everyday life. 

Alexa streamlines and optimizes workflows

The pandemic left many senior living workers struggling with stress and burnout. Alexa Smart Properties helps harness the power of voice and ambient technology to increase staff satisfaction and retention by easing associates' burdens so they can focus on resident care. 

Increase efficiencies

Route requests to the right people right away.

Give staff time back

Ease associates’ burden so they can focus on more one-on-one interactions.

Work smarter

Reduce maintence and staff requests by offloading tasks to smart home devices.

Address your staffing needs 

See how Alexa Smart Properties helps save staff time while delighting the residents of Carlton Senior Living.

Alexa Smart Properties makes it easy for enterprises to use the power of voice

Privacy and Security

  No voice recordings are stored, no personal or financial information is collected, and the camera can be force-disabled. 

Friction-free Set-up

APIs and a web UI make it easy to set up, roll out, and centrally manage your fleet of devices across your properties. 

Actionable Insights

Analytics on device usage can help you better understand what your residents and staff need to improve their experience. 

Find a solution provider

Alexa Solution Providers work to provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa devices and skills. 

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