Delight customers and improve staff productivity
Take your property to the next level with immersive voice experiences.

Alexa Smart Properties provides property-ready features, making it easy to deploy, integrate, and manage Alexa-enabled devices and experiences at scale for a variety of property types.


Our healthcare solution makes it easy and cost-effective for hospitals and providers to care for their patients effectively and safely. Deploy and manage Alexa devices at scale and enable HIPAA-eligible Alexa skills, allowing care teams to connect with patients.

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Customize your hospitality experience so guests can access your services and amenities from the comfort of their rooms, using just their voice. Use voice immersive experiences to help your property increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve guest satisfaction.

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Senior Living

Elevate your residents’ quality of life by enabling them to be more independent, empowered, and connected while streamlining workflows to help communities save time and money.  

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Want to add an Alexa immersive experience to a different property type? We’ve got you covered.

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Create and deploy unique and secure voice-driven experiences at scale

Connect and engage your customer

Leverage the most-used voice assistant in the U.S. to deliver intuitive ambient, voice-driven experiences that are personalized and engaging. 

Value and empower your staff

Streamline operational processes to free staff to focus on the work that only they can do, and increase their productivity and retention rates. 

Differentiate and stand out

Deliver unique experiences that set you apart to drive brand preference, loyalty, and new revenue streams. 

Create and deploy secure experiences at scale

Take advantage of fleet management, analytics, and purpose-built privacy and security features that make it easy to deliver experiences throughout your property. 

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Alexa Solution Providers work to provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa-enabled devices and skills. 

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