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Your Moments Console

Create Campaigns

Use the Moments Console to create and manage campaigns for your apps.

Campaign Lifecycle

Each campaign transitions through the following lifecycle:

  1. Register an app for the campaign.

    A campaign is created for a specific app, so you must register the app first.

  2. Create a campaign.

    The campaign remains in draft state until you submit it. You can edit the campaign fields and save the draft versions.

  3. Submit the campaign for approval.

    When you submit the campaign, the campaign transitions to Pending Approval state. You cannot make any changes to the campaign in this state.

  4. Receive notification that the campaign is approved.

    When the campaign is approved, you receive notification and the campaign transitions to Approved state. You can send test API calls in this state (no rewards will be consumed by these API calls).

  5. Campaign goes live on the start date.

    On the start day that you configured, the campaign transitions to the Live state.

  6. Campaign closes.

    On the end day that you configured, the campaign transitions to the Finished state and is removed from the Your Campaigns page.

  7. Evaluate and optimize the campaign.

    Create a new campaign in the Moments Console to align to the realities of the current market.

  8. Return to step 3 and submit the new campaign for approval.

Additional Campaign states:

  • Rejected: Moments rejected the campaign after you submitted it for approval.
  • Suspended: You can suspend an approved or live campaign by clicking the Take Down Campaign on the Add a New Campaign page.

View your Campaigns

In the Moments console, click the Campaigns tab to view a list of your campaigns.

The following information is listed for each campaign:

Field Description
Campaign Name The unique name for this campaign
App Name Name of the app, website or property associated with this campaign
Status Campaign status. See state descriptions in the section above.
Start Start date of the campaign
End End date of the campaign
CPA Cost Per Action, in US Dollars ($USD)
Budgeted Actions How many actions are budgeted
Completed Actions How many actions are complete
Budget Remaining Amount of the original budget that remains unused
Last Edited Date and time (UTC) when the campaign was last edited

Add a New Campaign

To create a new campaign:

  1. Click Add New Campaign in Campaigns tab.
  2. In the Add New Campaign form, enter information for the fields, as described in the tables below.
  3. Click Submit Campaign to save your changes, or click the Back button to discard the changes.

Campaign Details

Enter basic information about the campaign.

Field Description
Choose App Select the app (from the dropdown list) to associate with this campaign.
Campaign Name Enter a unique name for the campaign.
Campaign Duration Enter a start date and an end data for the campaign.
Total Budget Total budget (in US dollars) to allocate for the campaign.
Cost per action US dollar amount that you will spend each time a customer completes an action and gets the reward URL.
Targeted Marketplace Select each marketplace where you want the campaign rewards to be fulfilled. The default marketplace is United States. Select Additional Marketplaces to view check boxes for the other marketplaces.

Reward Selection

Select the products to use for rewards in each marketplace for this campaign.

Field Description
Marketplace The console displays a tab for each of your selected marketplaces. Click the marketplace name to switch to that tab.
Categories Select one or more of the reward categories that you want to search. The console displays the reward choices in Reward Results below your selected choices. From Reward Results, you can select one category discount and up to five free items to offer your users.
Search keywords Enter keywords to view a narrower set of reward results.
Your Choices This panel displays your current set of choices. You can remove a choice by clicking on the green arrow icon in the upper right corner of the choice. You can click Preview to view the page associated with this item.
Save Reward Choices When you have selected your reward choices, click Save Reward Choices.


Customize the campaign messages that are displayed to users.

Field Description
Announcement Message Message to inform users about the campaign. Enter a text message to display to the users and (optionally) upload an image file. The message text and image URL are sent to the app in response to the GetRewardInfo method.
Redemption Message This message congratulates customers for achieving the desired action and notifies them of the reward that they receive. Enter a text message to display to the users and (optionally) upload an image file. The message text and image URL are sent to the app in response to the GetReward method.
Redemption Landing Page and Email Image This image is displayed to users who visit the reward redemption landing page. Include your text message as text elements in the image file. The image is 3000px by 600px and the maximum file size is 10Mb.
Action Completed Message This message is a short text message to summarize the action that the user completed. The message will be prefixed with the words "Congrats for ".

Moments Rewards API Parameters

The following API parameters are listed in the Moments Rewards API Parameters at the top of the Add New Campaign view. Provide this information to your developers to include in the Rewards API request messages.

Field Valid Value(s)
App ID testApp3
Moment ID MomentsReward
Campaign ID b78bb60f-44ff-4a91-9601-73dec2d682ac
Reward Group ID {US}
API Key 6EWlplde7h1ZPCPP2KW5j1ld6iJzC0q8dFqI9N9J

Edit Existing Campaign

On the Campaigns page, click the Campaign Name of the campaign to edit. In the Edit Campaign Form, update the fields as required, and click Submit Campaign. The field descriptions are the same as for adding a new campaign.