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Tournament Organizer Overview

The Leaderboards and Tournaments Tournament Organizer extension on Twitch leverages the natural connection between game broadcasters (i.e. streamers) and their fans, and enables broadcasters to become tournament organizers. Using the extension, broadcasters will be able to set up competitions for their viewers, allowing them to play with their fans in game and create compelling content for their streams.

About Tournament Organizer

Leaderboards and Tournaments has proven that enabling developer-hosted competitions using Leaderboards and Tournaments APIs increases engagement and retention in games. Leaderboards and Tournaments believes the Tournament Organizer extension will help game developers in additional ways:

  1. Community-driven user acquisition, engagement, and retention. Players from Twitch will need to play along with the broadcasters. Broadcasters will frequently host tournaments in games core to their stream, therefore driving engagement and retention within the game.
  2. Broadcaster evangelists. Enable broadcasters to become ambassadors for game developers and build community around their titles, which leades to long-term in-game engagement and retention.
  3. Scalability. Make the community work for the game developer. Democratize tournament creation to the community to free up live ops and engineering resources to do so.
  4. Reach Gen Y and Gen Z audiences. These audiences are moving away from traditional media sources and instead consuming their content via streaming platforms like Twitch.

Workflow steps

The following is a high-level workflow leading up to a player participating in a broadcaster-hosted tournament. The game developer, the Twitch broadcaster, and the game players (competitors) need to take the following actions:

  1. The game developer registers the game with Leaderboards and Tournaments, integrates the Leaderboards and Tournaments APIs into the game, including the Leaderboards and Tournaments Tournament Organizer API methods, and creates a Twitch account for testing.
  2. The game developer updates the game UI to display the Twitch Tournaments (i.e. broadcaster-generated tournaments), prompt players for the account-linking code, and enable players to join, participate, and submit scores in a tournament.
  3. The broadcaster installs and activates the Leaderboards and Tournaments Tournament Organizer extension on their Twitch channel page and creates a tournament from the extension panel on their dashboard.
  4. When the tournament goes live, the player requests and receives an account-linking code from the extension, launches the game, discovers the Twitch tournaments, enters the code (one-time only when prompted) to link their Twitch account with their Leaderboards and Tournaments account, and plays in the tournament.

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