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Feature Descriptions

Amazon Leaderboards and Tournaments is a cross-platform, competitive gaming service for developers that enables leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round competitions. You can engage your community by rewarding players with digital prizes. The Leaderboards and Tournaments APIs work globally and on any operating system, device, surface, or screen size.

We designed Leaderboards and Tournaments with fun and fair competitions in mind. Leaderboards and Tournaments gives you the flexibility to define entry requirements, such as geographic location, device type, player skill level, and more. We have also included fraud and abuse detection to protect your competitions from suspicious player activity.

The Leaderboards and Tournaments features and capabilities are described in the following sections.

Individual and Team Tournaments

In individual competitions, each player competes for prizes based on their individual scores.

With team competitions, you create and manage groups of players who participate in team competitions. Team scores determine which teams win prizes. Learn more in Leaderboards and Tournaments Teams.

User-generated Tournaments

Allow players to create and manage their own leaderboards and competitions.

Tournament Types


Encourage repeated sessions with leaderboards. The Leaderboards and Tournaments standard leaderboard format gives players a specific number of “lives” or “tries” to achieve the highest score they can while playing the game. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition will be crowned the winner.

Multi-Round Tournaments

Engage fans longer with multi-round competitions. Top players in each round advance to the next round of gameplay. The winner of the final round is becomes the reigning champion.


Rather than ranking players based on a score within a game, rank players by the number of wins (or any other metric) over a given time period. Award top players at the end of each league.


Prizes create a stronger incentive for players to participate in your competition. Learn more in Leaderboards and Tournaments Teams.

Country Restrictions

The Country Restriction feature allows you to set geographical restrictions when you create a competition. You can set the country restriction using the API or the Leaderboards and Tournaments Console. Learn more in Country Restrictions.

Tournament Entry Requirements

Learn more in Tournament Entry Requirements.

Standard and Advanced Security

Leaderboards and Tournaments offers two levels of security: standard and advanced. With standard security, integrating your game into Leaderboards and Tournaments is straightforward and streamlined. The game authenticates players using a simple exchange of a player token (in clear text). The network traffic between the device and the Amazon servers is protected with TLS.

Advanced security provides data encryption for sensitive data (such as prizeInfo) in the exchange between the client and server.

Learn more in Game API Advanced Security.

Match and player limits in Game API

A number of interrelated parameters determine the maximum number of players, matches and player attempts in a tournament. Note the following definitions:

matchesMax: Maximum number of matches per tournament. Each match replicates its parent tournament for start dates, end dates, and prizes to be awarded. A tournament that has 10 matches also has 10 leaderboards, 10 first prize winners and so on. For the simplest scenario of a single match per tournament, set matchesMax = 1. Range: 1 - 50.

matchesPerPlayer: A single player is able to join in multiple matches in a tournament (for a tournament that offers multiple matches). Range: 1 - 50 or matchesMax (the lower value).

playerAttemptsPerMatch: Maximum number of times a player can attempt to play in a match, typically also the number of times the player can submit score in that match. Range: 1 - 1,000,000,000

playersPerMatch: Maximum number of players in a match and its leaderboard. Max limit: 1,000,000,000

Learn more in Game API Reference.