Developer Console

Tournament Entry Requirements

Create entry requirement lists to filter the players that can enter (and/or view) your competition.


  1. Use the Admin API to define requirement lists.
  2. Use the Leaderboards and Tournaments Console or Admin API to attach the entry requirement list to the tournament.
  3. In the Game API, include player attributes in the Enter Tournament request, so that the player will be accepted into the tournament.


Admin API to define requirements

  "requirements": [
      "name": "Player is VIP",
      "description": "The player has VIP status.",
      "type": "value",
      "key": "status",
      "value": "VIP"
      "name": "Player is a beginner",
      "description": "The player has a skill between 0 and 10.",
      "type": "range",
      "key": "League",
      "high": 10,
      "low": 0
      "name": "Greater Seattle Area",
      "description": "The GPS coordinates of the player is located in the Greater Seattle Area",
      "type": "gps",
      "key": "gpsCoordinates",
      "permittedAreas": [
          "gpsCoordinates": {
            "latitude": 47.60604,
            "longitude": -122.3328
          "radius": 10,
          "radiusUnits": "KILOMETERS"

Player enters the tournament

The following shows an example request body:

    "playerAttributes" : {
        "status" : "vip",
        "skill" : 1,
        "isActive" : true,
        "gpsCoordinates" : "{\"latitude\": 33.652275, \"longitude\": -117.750495}"
    "accessKey" : "ADEF"