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Tournament Integration

To implement a simple Leaderboards and Tournaments tournament for your game, you need to add only a small set of integration points into your game software.


Before you integrate the Leaderboards and Tournaments API into your game, use the Leaderboards and Tournaments Console to register the game with Leaderboards and Tournaments and create a simple tournament. These actions are described in Tournament Admin Setup

Integrate a simple tournament

To implement a simple tournament for your game, you need to add the following set of Leaderboards and Tournaments API integration points into your game software.

  1. Register and Authenticate the Player

    Register and authenticate each player before the player can enter any Leaderboards and Tournaments competitions offered by your game.

  2. Player enters the tournament

    Player selects a tournament from the list of tournaments.

  3. Player competes in the tournament

    Player starts a match attempt. When the player finishes the attempt, the game submits the player score.

  4. Player exits the tournament

    Player can view the leaderboard, and then exits the tournament. 

  5. (Optional) Award Tournament Prizes

    One or more player can win prizes. Each player can claim their prizes.

For details about the Game API, see the Game API reference.

Last updated: Nov 02, 2020