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Deeplinking to Steam

Leaderboards and Tournaments Tournament Organizer provides the ability to deeplink to a Steam game. Users of the Twitch extension can automatically launch the game on Steam. If the user clicks the link and they do not own the game, Steam displays the game's detail page within the Steam client. If the user already owns the game, but has not installed it yet, Steam will prompt the user to download and install the game.

When deeplinking is enabled for a game, any user of the extension will be able to launch the game from the Tournament Organizer extension. After the user launches the game, they can link their Twitch account to the game and find the tournament within the game.

You can simplify the user experience by accepting Steam launch parameters in your game. This avoids the need to prompt the user for the tournament ID and the account-linking code.

The deep-linking parameters passed as launch parameters use the following format:

-GameOnTO_tournamentId <TOURNAMENT_ID> -GameOnTO_accountLinkingCode <ACCOUNT_LINKING_CODE>

If you accept these launch parameters, you can automatically perform the following operations for your users:

  • Link accounts. Use the account linking code from the launch parameters to call:

    PUT /players/steamining-platform-account-linking-code

  • Display the tournament details to the user. Use the tournament ID from the launch parameters to call:

    GET /player-tournaments/<TOURNAMENT_ID>

  • Automatically join the tournament on behalf of the user. Use the tournament ID from the launch parameters to call:

    POST /player-tournaments/<TOURNAMENT_ID/enter


To enable Steam deeplinking for your game, take the following actions:

  1. Provide Leaderboards and Tournaments with the Steam game id for your game (send an email to
  2. (Optional) Implement the ability to accept Steam launch parameters in your game. To enable this capability, send an email to

If you ever need to disable the deep-linking capability, also send an email to