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Leaderboards and Tournaments Teams Overview

Leaderboards and Tournaments supports team gameplay. Developers can enable teams to participate in fun challenges, battles, and competitions, and reward participation with prizes. In team competitions, players from all over the world compete in groups with the same goal in mind: out score and outperform other teams.


Integrating Leaderboards and Tournaments competitions into team-based games is just as simple as with single player games. Similar to single player games, developers with team competitions will submit individual player scores to Leaderboards and Tournaments. The main difference is that developers will also provide a player-to-team mapping (via the new Team API methods) so that Leaderboards and Tournaments can aggregate the scores to a team level. Leaderboards and Tournaments will then enable a leaderboard with team names and scores.

Developers can still create the same type of competitions, such as single round, multi-round, or leagues, set number of attempts, allow ranking by a defined metric, and set entry requirements by location or custom-defined criteria. Developers can offer in-game items as prizes to the members of the winning team(s).

Team Tournaments and Prizing

When a player enters a team competition, the player specifies the team that they choose to represent. The player submits scores that contribute to a collective team score, for a chance for the entire team to win. If a team wins prize(s), each individual that contributed to the team will be awarded a copy of that prize when the competition closes. For this reason, when creating a team competition please ensure that the prizeInfo for each prize provided can be claimed by multiple players – see Add Tournament API for more information.

Note: If you remove a player from a team, if the player has participated in any competition that is not COMPLETED at the time of the request, Leaderboards and Tournaments will remove the player from the competition and adjust the team score accordingly. The player will not be offered any prizes that the player's former team is awarded when the competition completes.

Team Management

A Leaderboards and Tournaments “team” is a group of players, such as: a team, a clan, a guild, or an alliance. To power a game with Leaderboards and Tournaments team competitions, developers must create Leaderboards and Tournaments teams, decide how teams are formed (players might be given the opportunity to choose a team or perhaps the game has matchmaking capability). You manage player engagement (such as a player fails to show up, or a player leaves the team) by adding or removing players from the team when necessary – see Create Team API and Add Players to Team API for more information.

Team competitions offer very similar features to individual competitions. You can set the number of attempts, allow ranking by a defined metric, and set entry/visibility requirements by location or custom-defined criteria. When creating Team competitions, you can specify additional parameters, such as teamSizeMin, teamSizeMax, playerAttemptsMax. These parameters help you to more easily control access to competitions and are intended to provide a deeper level of customization between competitions.

Team Scoring

In team competitions, each individual player submits a score that contributes to their team's score. Team competitions support two different scoring types, which change the way team scores are calculated. When the score type is CUMULATIVE, all scores submitted by each player are aggregated together. When the score type is INDIVIDUAL, Leaderboards and Tournaments aggregates each player's highest/lowest score (depending on competition win type) to determine the team score.

Note: Currently, Leaderboards and Tournaments team competitions do not directly handle non-aggregative based team scoring. However, you can support this scoring method by picking a team-captain who is the only player to submit a contributing score. The other members of the team will submit a score of zero. If only the team leader submits the team score, all of the other players on the team need to submit a score of zero in order to win their prizes – only players who submit a score can win.


Note the following points:

  • All team members receive exactly the same prizes.
  • Only team members that submit a score (before the competition closes) will receive prizes.