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Leaderboards and Tournaments Billing Overview

Each developer account receives 35,000 free plays per month (for the first 6 months) across all apps. After this period, your AWS account will be billed for Leaderboards and Tournaments usage.


When you create and run a Leaderboards and Tournaments competition, you accrue charges to your Amazon Leaderboards and Tournaments account, based on the total number of game plays that take place in the competition. Refer to the Pricing page for additional information about Leaderboards and Tournaments pricing.

Charges for your Leaderboards and Tournaments competitions will be included in your monthly AWS bill. You need to associate an active AWS account with each game that you register with Leaderboards and Tournaments.

You link an AWS account to a game when you register the game with Leaderboards and Tournaments. This provides flexibility for different situations. For example, you could associate all of your games with one AWS account. You could also create separate accounts for different games (or groups of games), for your own internal accounting reasons.


  • You need at least one valid AWS account.
  • You need admin access to any AWS account that you use for Leaderboards and Tournaments billing.

AWS Account Linking

You will use AWS Account Linking in the following three scenarios:

  • Register a new game.
  • Register an existing game.
  • Change the AWS account number for an existing game.

Managing Games describes these steps in detail.

Existing games

For any game that you registered before June 19, 2018, you need to link an AWS account to that game. See the Billing FAQ for an instructional video.

Billing FAQ

See the Billing FAQ.

Additional Resources

To create an AWS account, navigate to the AWS home page and click Create an AWS Account.

To find out more about AWS billing, refer to the following documents: