Developer Console

Tournament Admin Setup

Before you can integrate a Leaderboards and Tournaments tournament into your game, use the Leaderboards and Tournaments Console to register the game and create a tournament.

When you register the game, you link the game to your AWS account (for billing purposes).

Admin access to an AWS Account

You need an active AWS account to use with Leaderboards and Tournaments billing. If you already have an AWS account, make sure that you have admin access to the account. You need the 12-digit AWS account number to register your game.

If you need an AWS account, navigate to the AWS home page and click Create an AWS Account.

Login to the Leaderboards and Tournaments Console

Use your Amazon login credentials to log in to the Leaderboards and Tournaments Console.

Register your game

Leaderboards and Tournaments provides the first 35,000 game plays each month at no charge. You are billed for your Leaderboards and Tournaments usage above the first 35,000 plays. Leaderboards and Tournaments charges will be included in your monthly AWS bill. You need to link an active AWS account to each game that you register with Leaderboards and Tournaments.

You need to register each game just once with Leaderboards and Tournaments. After that, you can use the game in any number of Leaderboards and Tournaments competitions. One of the steps to register your game is to link the game to your AWS account.

You must register a game before you can create any Leaderboards and Tournaments competitions for that game.

  1. From the home page, click the Game Settings tab.
  2. Click Register New Game, which opens the Game Details dialog box.
  3. In the dialog box, enter a value for Game Title. If this is your first game, enter a value for Developer Name.
  4. Enable advanced security if desired. For a description of advanced security, see Game API Advanced Security.
  5. Set Game is directed towards children, if the target audience of the game includes children under the age of 13. For details, see COPPA Policy.
  6. Click Continue, which opens the AWS Billing Setup dialog box. Follow the steps below to link your AWS account.

In this section, you associate an AWS account to be billed for the game.

Step A. Enter your AWS account number and click Send Verification Code. If you need to create an AWS account, or look up your account number, follow the Sign in to AWS Account link.

Step B. The console displays the AWS Billing Setup dialog box, which contains three steps.

  1. Click on "Sign In to S3 console", then return to the Leaderboards and Tournaments console.
  2. Click on "this page" link, which opens an AWS S3 web page (for gameon-verification-code.html) in a new browser tab. This step will fail if you do not have admin access to the AWS account.
  3. Click the Open button, which displays the verification code in a new browser tab.
  4. Copy the verification code, and close the two AWS tabs.

Step C. Back in the AWS Billing Setup dialog box, paste the verification code into the Step 3 text box and click Verify Account.

If your AWS account failed to link, the console re-opens the AWS Billing Setup dialog box. We recommend that you log in to your AWS account and view the account settings, to ensure that your account is active and in good standing, and that you have admin access to the account.

If your AWS account is active, the console completes the game registration and displays the game details, including a green check mark and a message that the game is now ready.

AWS account linked successfully

Create a tournament

Use the Leaderboards and Tournaments Console to create a tournament. Tournaments support a variety of options and features, but you can create a very simple tournament to get started:

  1. From the Your Competitions tab, select a game for the new competition.
  2. Select Single-player Competitions from the Competition Type drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Create Competition button.
  4. Enter data for the mandatory fields:
    • Competition Name - the name is visible to the players.
    • Start Date and End Date - times are displayed in local time zone.
  5. (Optional) In Leaderboard Rules, change the default scoring criteria:
    • By default, the highest score wins. For a game such as Golf, select Lowest score wins.
    • By default, in a game with multiple attempts, the best score wins. As an alternative, you can select Sum of all scores wins
  6. Leave Countries field as default. Your competition is available world-wide.