Amazon GameOn Overview


Amazon GameOn allows developers to host in-game events where customers can compete for bragging rights and prizes. 

Developers can use GameOn APIs to host leaderboards, multi-round competitions, and leagues in any of the countries/regions where AWS exists, and on any operating system, device, surface, or screen size.

GameOn allows developers to:

  • create competitions using the GameOn Console
  • enable end-users to create competitions in-game
  • award in-game prizes and real-world prizes (US only) 
  • use the entry requirements service to filter the players that can join a competition
  • create and manage team competitions

Learn more in GameOn Features.

Major Components

The major components of GameOn include:

Game API: Use the Game API to integrate GameOn competitions into your games.

GameOn Console: Use the GameOn Console to perform management and administration for games and competitions.

Admin API: This API provides all of the same capabilities as the GameOn Console.

Getting Started

This guide outlines the architecture and APIs required to enable GameOn competitions in your games. To get started:

  1. Request API Key.
  2. Integrate GameOn API into your game.