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Essential / Voluntary Scopes

Whenever a scope is requested, by default, the scope may appear as essential (Fig A), voluntary (Fig B) or hybrid of the two (Fig C), on the Login With Amazon consent screen, as per its default settings. A scope can be essential or voluntary by default. These default settings can be overridden while calling the Login With Amazon's authorize endpoint.

Requesting scopes as essential means that a customer cannot choose not to share the information/permissions requested.

Requesting scopes as voluntary means that a customer can choose to share the information/permissions requested.

If a few scopes are requested as essential and others voluntary, a customer may choose permissions for only the voluntary scopes, and grants consent to all the essential scopes.

Our recommendation is to request only the scopes, that are critical for your business functionality, as essential. All other scopes, should be requested as voluntary. This will ensure that the customer logging into your website has the flexibility to share or not to share the voluntary information, without impacting your business functionality, and will also provide a better, transparent customer experience.

Login With Amazon's authorization API returns the list of authorized scopes, as per the customer's selection, on the Login With Amazon Consent page. This scopes list can be checked against the requested scopes to identify, for which scopes is the access token valid.

Scopes requested as essential
Scopes requested as voluntary
Scopes requested as a mix of voluntary and essential
Fig A - Scopes requested as
Fig 2 - Scopes are requested as
Fig 3 - Scopes are requested as a mix of voluntary and essential

Last updated: Nov 25, 2020