Developer Console

Welcome to Just Walk Out technology by Amazon!

Amazon provides customers with a secure, trusted, and convenient way to integrate their retail systems with the Amazon retail services. Retailers will have the choice to select the capabilities that complement their current investments in the following areas:

  • Catalog: retailers can select the mechanism to create the items which will be offered in the Amazon enabled store. This process can be completed by a manual upload or via an API integration with your POS.

  • Entry affordances: retailers can select the mechanism to identify shoppers before entering the store such as mobile application , credit card, mobile wallet or badge scans.

  • Risk evaluation: retailers can choose to allow Amazon to determine the risk profile of a shopper or use their current mechanisms to asses the fraud and abuse posture of the shopper

  • Charge calculation: retailers can leverage Amazon systems to input pricing and promotions specific to their store or use their own systems to calculate pricing and promotions

  • Payment processing: Amazon has established integrations with a set of payment processors and provides retailers with the choice to select payment processor and the level of integration. Amazon also provides a fully integrated solution where retailers can delegate payment processing to Amazon

  • Post purchase: retailers have the choice to use their existing platform for receipts and refunds or use Amazon’s systems.