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FAQs for Live App Testing

Q: What is Live App Testing?
Live App Testing allows you to quickly distribute your apps in the Amazon Appstore to a pre-defined set of testers before you go live. The testers will be able to sample the full suite of Amazon services - including in-app purchasing - in our production environment, so you can ensure your app is working as expected. Testers will not be charged for any purchases they make. This allows you to gather feedback, improve quality, increase stability and optimize the experience before you push your app live for all customers to download.
Q: What does Live App Testing include?
Live App Testing provides tester management. Easily define the list of testers you want to be able to test your app. You don’t need to keep track of who you have invited to test your app. Amazon takes care of the complexity of ensuring that only the set of testers you defined are the ones that are testing the app.
Q: Are testers provided by me or by Amazon?
Live App Testing testers are provided by you.
Q: Which devices do Live App Testing support?
Live App Testing supports all Android and Amazon devices.
Q: Which Amazon APIs can I test with Live App Testing?
You can test your app with all Amazon APIs, including IAP. See the full list of Amazon APIs.
Q: Can I test my iOS apps with Live App Testing?
No. Live App Testing only supports Android and Amazon APKs and Amazon APIs.
Q: Which marketplaces do Live App Testing support?
You can publish your test to all marketplaces.
Q: Can I promote my app's APK from Live App Testing to upcoming version?
Yes. You can promote your APK to the upcoming version, where you can make final adjustments to your app's metadata before submitting to live.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of testers that can participate in a test?
Yes. The maximum number of testers that can test your APK is 1,500.
Q: Is my test confidential?
No. Though test apps will only be distributed to the testers you designate, Amazon does not impose confidentiality obligations on testers.
Q: Can any customer see my live app testing app's APK?
No. General customers will not be able to browse and view your test app APK. Only testers that receive the tester invitation link will be able to download and install your test app APK.
Q: Can testers submit feedback to me through the Live App Testing service?
No, testers need to submit their feedback to you directly through a channel of your choosing (e.g., email, internal ticket system, etc.).
Q: How much does Live App Testing cost?
Live App Testing is free of charge.
Q: Is there a guide on how to create a test?
Yes, see Getting Started with Live App Testing.
Q: Why do my testers not see the Live App Testing APK in their Cloud tab?
  • The tester may need to resync their account to pull in the new version. You can do this through Settings (Settings > My Account > Sync Amazon Content).
  • The tester needs to verify they have accepted the e-mail invitation and received a confirmation of purchase.
  • The tester needs to ensure that they accepted the live app testing invitation with the Amazon account they are using for testing.
  • The tester might not have a compatible device. (Note that this is not a compatibility issue with Live App Testing.)
Q: My app uses the Pending Purchases feature in Amazon Kids. Can I use Live App Testing to test my app in a child profile?
Yes, you can use Live App Testing with a child profile to test Pending Purchases. For instructions, see Set up a live integration test in the Test Pending Purchases documentation.

Last updated: Dec 13, 2023