Amazon A/B Testing Service (beta)

Amazon A/B Testing Service Start Using A/B Testing
  • Avoid redistribution

    Launch and update A/B tests and then deploy winning experiments to users on the fly, all without redistributing your app
  • Cross-platform support

    A single destination to optimize your iOS, Amazon and Android apps
  • A/B/n Testing

    Optimize your app or game quickly by testing up to five variations at once
A/B Testing

Key benefits

  • Free


    A/B Testing is completely free at any usage level
  • Easy integratione

    Easy integration

    Integrate the SDK and set up your first experiment in less than an hour
  • Custom segmentation

    Custom segmentation

    Launch experiments to a subset of your audience using custom criteria
  • Effortless scaling

    Effortless scaling

    Built on Amazon Web Services, Amazon's A/B Testing service enables you to focus on building great games and apps instead of designing scalable backend services
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