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Understanding A3L Location

For a brief introduction to A3L SDKs, see Understanding A3L SDKs.

A3L Location is an abstraction library for location that enables you to add location services to your app. It supports both Android and Fire OS devices. A3L Location has a dependency on Google Location Services for devices with Google Play services and native Android framework location APIs for Android devices without Google Play services. The API structure of A3L Location is similar to that of Google Location Services APIs to help minimize the amount of effort you need to learn and implement the SDK.

You can also use A3L Location with ad SDKs to target users based on location, which can enhance ad relevance and user engagement.

How A3L Location works

A3L Location provides a single SDK that behaves differently depending on the device on which it's used, while keeping the user experience as similar as possible across devices. A3L Location is an abstraction of both Android framework location APIs, and Google Location Services APIs that are part of Google Play services. On devices with Google Play services enabled, A3L Location uses Google Location Services APIs. On devices without Google Play services, such as Fire OS devices, A3L Location uses native Android framework location APIs.

Feature comparison

The following table describes the features offered in A3L Location compared to Google Location Services.

A3L Location feature comparison
Feature Google Location Services A3L Location
Current location
Last known location
Location updates
Location settings
Activity recognition

Next steps

See Get Started with A3L Location.

Last updated: Sep 13, 2023