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App Porting Release Notes

The following table includes release notes for app porting features, including Appstore Billing Compatibility SDK, A3L Authentication SDK, A3L Location SDK, A3L Messaging SDK, and Amazon Appstore Easy Port.

Date Description
May 22, 2024 Receipt Verification Service: The Receipt Verification Service (RVS) now supports the Appstore Billing Compatibility SDK. For details, see RVS for Consumables and Entitlements and RVS for Subscriptions.

Amazon Appstore Easy Port: Amazon Appstore Easy Port released with support for billing. Amazon Appstore Easy Port helps you handle compatibility issues when porting an existing Android app by building your app with an equivalent SDK compatible with Fire OS at the bytecode level. For details, see Amazon Appstore Easy Port.
December 5, 2023 A3L Authentication: Release of A3L Authentication SDK version 1.1.0. Added support for integration with the Google Drive API.
October 27, 2023 Appstore Billing Compatibility SDK: Version 4.1.0 released. The Appstore Billing Compatibility SDK now includes support for subscriptions. For details, see Appstore Billing Compatibility Subscriptions.
September 13, 2023 A3L Location: Initial release for A3L Location SDK version 1.0.0. Includes support for current location, last known location, location updates, and location settings.
June 6, 2023 Documentation Update: Added guides for Appstore Billing Compatibility SDK Best Practices and Appstore Billing Compatibility SDK Troubleshooting.
May 19, 2023 A3L Authentication: Initial release for A3L Authentication SDK version 1.0.0. Includes support to allow a user to authenticate with a Google account, sign out of your app, and revoke access of your app to the account.
March 15, 2023

Appstore Billing Compatibility SDK: Official release of version 4.0.0. This SDK is compatible with the Google Play Billing API. If you have an existing Android app that is already integrated with the Google Play Billing Library, this SDK allows you to port your app to the Amazon Appstore with minimal changes.

If your app is already integrated with the Appstore SDK and you don't plan to use this feature, you do not need to switch to this SDK. For differences between the SDKs, see Feature comparison.

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February 27, 2023 A3L Messaging: Version 1.1.0 released.
  • Added support for Topic Based Messaging.
  • The getToken(), subscribeToTopic(), and unsubscribeFromTopic() methods return a Task object.
  • A3LMessaging.init() is deprecated; initialization is automatically handled by the A3L Messaging library.
June 6, 2022 A3L Messaging: Official release for version 1.0.0. Added A3L Messaging Sample App.
March 24, 2022 A3L Messaging: Initial beta release for version 1.0.0. Includes support for push notifications and custom data messages.

Last updated: May 22, 2024