New certification requirements for the Works With Alexa program

Diego Valverde Jan 17, 2024
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The Works with Alexa (WWA) program has helped increase the exposure of Alexa-connected products to millions of customers who shop on Amazon every day. The WWA program ensures your Alexa-connected devices provide a great customer experience, and the WWA badge can help increase customer awareness and confidence in your products and brand. 

Today, we are introducing new certification requirements for the WWA program as part of our ongoing efforts to raise the bar on the responsiveness, reliability, and functionality of connected devices thereby delivering the best possible smart home experience for our shared customers. In order to qualify for the WWA program, products submitted for certification after the dates indicated below must satisfy the updated eligibility and requirements listed under the Works with Alexa Program Guidelines

New Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the WWA program, products submitted for certification must meet the new criteria listed below where applicable. A full updated list of WWA eligibility criteria can be found under the Works with Alexa Program Guidelines

  • App-to-App Account Linking (Starting From the Alexa App): Starting July 19, 2024, If your product requires a mobile app for setup, WWA will require implementation of App-to-App Account Linking from the Alexa app to your own native app (iOS and Android). This account linking experience reduces the number of steps required by the customers to start using your skill, and can eliminate the need for them to re-enter their account credentials. You can find more information on implementing for iOS and Android here.

Please note that we now require you to implement both versions of App-to-App Account Linking: beginning with your app (added to WWA Program Guidelines on Nov-2021) and also with the Alexa app (to be mandated starting Jul-24).

Learn More

To learn more the Works with Alexa program, including the certification process and eligibility requirements, please visit the developer documentation pages listed below. To get started with Works with Alexa certification, click here to access the WWA console.

Works with Alexa program overview

Works with Alexa certification requirements

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