Amazon showcases new customer experiences powered by generative AI at CES 2024

Arun Krishnan Jan 09, 2024
Amazon CES 2024 Alexa Skills

At CES 2024, we are showcasing how the world's leading brands are building with Amazon's devices and services, and leveraging the latest innovations in artificial intelligence to build the next generation of ambient experiences.  This article is part of a series that showcases select brands on display at the Amazon Experience Area at CES 2024.

At CES 2024, Amazon showcased how developers are using the latest advancements in generative AI to build the next generation of ambient experiences for customers engaging with Alexa.

Having passed half a billion Alexa-enabled devices sold, and with tens of millions of interactions every hour, Alexa has become part of the family in tens of millions of households. We’ve always thought of Alexa as an evolving service, and we’ve been continuously improving it since the day we introduced it in 2014.

Visitors to the Amazon Experience Area during CES 2024 will experience how Amazon’s innovations in artificial intelligence helps people live productive and fulfilled lives by making every day better.

The Character.AI Alexa experience brings to life the science-fiction dream of open-ended conversations and collaborations with computers. The experience allows customers to interact with any of predefined 28 Characters across four categories (General assistants, Skill helpers, Historical icons, and Just for fun).


Customers will also get access to even more ways for music to be created. Splash, an Alexa Fund portfolio company, is connecting its AI-powered music creation technology to Alexa, enabling customers to interact with the experience and do things like generate lyrics, select vocals and style, and make original music just by conversing with Alexa. From there, a link to the song is created in the experience that can be sent to the customer’s mobile phone.


Volley, also an Alexa Fund portfolio company, brings it’s AI-powered “20 Questions” game to life. Volley’s Alexa experience is a deeper version of the well known parlor game, using generative AI to interact with customers through questions and engaging conversation. All through the power of voice.


These experiences leverage our new LLM-powered tools announced at our Fall Devices and Services launch event. With these tools, developers will be able to create experiences that allow customers to access real-time data, enjoy immersive generative AI-enhanced games, perform tasks like booking restaurant reservations, getting a succinct summary of a trending news story, and more.

The tools announced at the event will enable developers to integrate content and APIs with Alexa’s LLM to create conversational experiences for Alexa-enabled devices, or alternatively, integrate with an LLM of their choice without having to write complex code or train specific interaction models.

You can read more about the new developer tools at Visit the Amazon Experience Area at CES 2024 to see these experiences in action.

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