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Staff Writer Jan 12, 2024
Amazon CES 2024

And that's a wrap...

That’s a wrap on CES 2024. Over the last four days, we've enjoyed engaging with thousands of visitors at the Amazon Experience Area, and showcasing how ambient intelligence from Alexa can make every day better. We've also enjoyed our discussions with large companies and startups from all over the world on how they are building with Amazon to create the next generation of customer experiences for people at home, at work and on the go. 

If you couldn’t it make to the Amazon Experience Area in Las Vegas, the video below will give you a feel for some of the experiences we showcased in Las Vegas. 


And one more video: A spotlight on the Alexa Fund

The Amazon Alexa Fund was originally launched in 2015 to create momentum for voice and smart devices and show the art of what’s possible. Since its launch, the Alexa Fund has provided venture capital funding to fuel not only voice innovation, but also areas such as artificial intelligence, hardware, and entertainment.

The video below highlights some of the Alexa Fund startups that showcased their innovation at CES 2024.

Updates from the Amazon Experience Area at CES: Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of CES 2024 at the Amazon Experience Area.

Daniel Rausch, Vice President of Alexa and Fire TV on the future of generative AI

Daniel Rausch, Vice President of for Alexa and Fire TV, brings us a glimpse into what we can expect in the near future of generative AI. From the Amazon Experience Area at CES 2024, he also shares some of the latest CES product announcements and what lies ahead.

“The transformative impact of generative AI is going to change about how we interact with technology. The things we can do for customers, the things we can accomplish for them, and what we can help them with.” 

See the video below for more.


Sengled’s smart lighting journey

Smart lighting systems embody a convergence of advanced technologies, integrating hardware and software components to deliver a sophisticated and user-friendly lighting experience. Through continuous innovation and improving the technology, Sengled remains a global leader in LED smart lighting, offering customers products that add convenience to their lives and ambience to their homes. 

Just this past summer, Sengled launched one of the industry’s first Matter-enabled smart light bulbs. Leveraging the latest smart home connectivity protocol, designed to make it even easier for you to connect your entire home with enhanced interoperability, compatibility, and installation, Matter aims to ensure all smart home devices, systems, and voice assistants speak the same language.

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Produce music through the power of voice with Splash

Using Amazon's new LLM-based tools, the team at Splash, an Alexa Fund portfolio company, has made it possible to create and produce unique music just using the power of voice. Technology from Splash showcases how Alexa and Amazon make every day better, through music.

Customers will have access to an expanded realm of music creation opportunities. Splash is integrating its AI-driven music creation technology with Alexa. This integration empowers customers to engage with the platform, enabling them to generate lyrics, choose vocals and styles, and compose music through natural conversations with Alexa. 

Subsequently, a link to the newly created song is generated within the experience, allowing customers to conveniently send it to their mobile phones.

This innovative collaboration between Alexa and Splash redefines the way music is not only consumed but also created, placing the creative process at the fingertips of users through the power of voice interaction.


every day more secure with Ring at CES 2024

Ring, the industry leader in home security and smart home technology, is committed to making every day safer with exciting product demonstrations at CES 2024. 

Technology has the power to solve problems and smart home solutions are one way to make lives easier. Ring, is customer-obsessed to ensure that our neighbors have hardware, software, and feature options that meet their needs and simplify home security and monitoring.

Radar-powered 3D Motion Detection can be found in their Pro line of devices. With radar, they are able to measure the distance and angle of an object moving in front of the camera. Alerts are more refined, and more accurate, improving notifications.

Stick Up Cam Pro puts pro-grade security exactly where you need it. It’s weather resistant - can go indoors or outdoors, and can be placed on a flat surface for flexibility or can be mounted to the wall or ceiling with its included camera mount for a more permanent solution.

Their Second Generation Indoor Cam now includes an adjustable mount making it easy to find the perfect view. Indoor Cam is also the first Ring camera to feature a manual, removable Privacy Cover to turn off your camera and microphone. To reactivate, simply swivel it to the side or remove it entirely for total protection at all hours.

Introducing Ring Pet Tag, a new pet accessory that helps reunite lost pets with their owners. Pet Tag easily attaches to your pet’s collar and features a QR code on the back. Scanning Pet Tag helps people learn about your pet and bring them home safer, even if they don’t have the Ring App.

Home security technology should be everywhere customers need it to be, including the places they aren’t. Ring devices help customers check-in and feel strongly connected to where they live or work–no matter where in the world that is.

Updates from the Amazon Experience Area at CES: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of CES 2024 at the Amazon Experience Area. We’re excited to continue sharing updates on how Amazon and our some of the world’s leading brands are creating ambient experiences that aim to make every moment of every day better for customers around the world, from sunrise to sunset. 

Alexa Smart Properties 

Alexa Smart Properties takes the Alexa technology millions of users know and love, and brings it to properties to create and deploy unique experiences for their guests, patients, and residents with the power of voice and ambient intelligence. Through these unique, custom Alexa experiences, properties deploying Alexa are better able to connect and engage with guests, patients, and residents. By leveraging Alexa, property managers can empower their staff and streamline their operations, saving time and money.

Alexa Smart Properties can be integrated to properties’ existing tech stacks to minimize deployment time and staff training. 

At CES, we are displaying how hotels and senior living facilities are leveraging Alexa Smart Properties to drive down costs while at the same time enabling their residents with more fulfilling experiences. 

Attendees at the Amazon Experience area are seeing new features like support for WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)-based audio and video calling in action. With these features, properties have more ways for staff and guests to access seamless peer-to-peer communication by being able to conduct video and audio calls between Echo devices and non-Echo devices such as tablets and laptops.

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Amazon’s Fire TV built in is coming to Panasonic's new smart TVs this year

Panasonic announced a global collaboration with Amazon that will introduce new Panasonic smart TVs that carry Fire TV as its operating system starting this year. To kick off this collaboration, Panasonic unveiled two new flagship OLED TVs for 2024, the Z95A (65 inches and 55 inches) and Z93A (77 inches) smart TVs with Fire TV built in.

“We’re incredibly excited to announce with Panasonic that their new smart TVs will include Fire TV starting in 2024,” said Daniel Rausch, vice president for Alexa and Fire TV. “This means customers around the world will get to experience all the benefits of Fire TV’s personalized streaming experience and access to Alexa, combined with Panasonic’s best-in-class smart TVs.”

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Character.ai now on Alexa

At CES 2024, we are demonstrating new ways developers are using the latest advancements in generative AI to build the next generation of ambient experiences for customers engaging with Alexa.

Having passed half a billion Alexa-enabled devices sold, and with tens of millions of interactions every hour, Alexa has become part of the family in tens of millions of households. Companies like Character.ai are creating new experiences to bring to life the science-fiction dream of open-ended conversations and collaborations with computers. 

Attendees at the Amazon experience area are seeing how the new generative AI experience created by Character.ai allows customers to interact with any of predefined 28 characters across four categories (General assistants, Skill helpers, Historical icons, and Just for fun). See how Character.ai provides Alexa users with an opportunity to talk to different AI characters. From well known historical figures (like Socrates) to helpful avatars (like travel agents), Character.ai shows what is possible for voice and generative AI. 


And that's a wrap for Day 2 from CES 2024. Stay tuned for more live updates tomorrow!

every day better: The Amazon Experience Area at CES 2024

The Amazon Experience area at CES 2024 showcases how innovation from Amazon and the world's leading brands shine through moments in the lives of people as they are at home, at work and on the go. 

If you are not at CES , here are a few highlights to check out from the show that showcase how Amazon's innovations in artificial intelligence are being leveraged to make every moment of every day more secure, fulfilling and productive for people around the world.


The future of eyewear: Echo Frames

The Amazon Experience area is chockfull of people looking to discover the latest innovations from Amazon. The Echo Frames display is the most crowded area of all. 

When we launched Echo Frames, customers loved how simple and quick it was to ask Alexa to listen to music or a podcast, call a loved one, or control connected devices in the home, without taking out their phone. But they also told us they wanted more variety when it came to frame styles and a longer lasting battery so they can use their smart glasses throughout the day.

So, we worked backwards from what customers wanted—putting an emphasis on aesthetics and making the technical improvements they requested. And today at CES, attendees are able to see the all-new smart glasses with Alexa—available in the next-generation Echo Frames and new styles from Carrera—a combination of high-end fashion with Alexa artificial intelligence (AI). 


MultiOn aims to be a personal assistant for everyone

In addition to large brands, startups from a wide range of industry sectors are collaborating with Amazon to harness the latest in artificial intelligence, and better the lives of their customers. Nowadays, assistant chatbots are especially buzzy in the world of AI, and MultiOn might very well be among the buzziest of them all.

MultiOn is an Alexa Fund portfolio company. The Amazon Alexa Fund was originally launched in 2015 to create momentum for voice and smart devices and show the art of what’s possible.

Like many engineers and scientists at Amazon, the team at MultiOn aims to democratize artificial intelligence and make its benefits available to all. Until recently, having a personal assistant to help you with everyday tasks has been a privilege available mainly to the rich and powerful. But what if we could all have a personal assistant to help us as we go around our day-to-day, assisting with the challenges that life throws at us, making every day simpler?

Here's where the new personal artificial intelligence and Amazon Alexa Fund portfolio company, MultiOn comes in. The agent can use the web to accomplish these tasks with the same degree of autonomy and ability as a person. All you have to do is tell the MultiOn agent what you want to do, and it can effectively break your task into smaller micro-tasks, doing each one for you.


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More updates to come tomorrow from teams at smart home, Ring, Auto, Zoox -- and many more. Stay tuned!

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