Fellowship Square-Mesa leverages Alexa for improved resident experience and operational efficiency

Laurie Corson Jan 09, 2024
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At CES 2024, we are showcasing how the world's leading brands are building with Amazon's devices and services, and leveraging the latest innovations in artificial intelligence to build the next generation of ambient experiences.  This article is part of a series that showcases select brands on display at the Amazon Experience Area at CES 2024.

Fellowship Square-Mesa, a leading assisted living community, has implemented a groundbreaking initiative that leverages Amazon Alexa to deliver enhanced resident experiences and optimized operational efficiency. 

Alexa Smart Properties in senior living elevates residents’ quality of life in their communities by enabling them to be more independent, empowered, and connected, while streamlining workflows to help communities save time and money. Alexa Smart Properties simplifies deploying and managing Alexa devices at scale.

Spearheaded by technology director Todd Carling, the project's success stems from a combination of recognizing resident needs, embracing technological innovation, and forging strategic collaborations.

Addressing critical resident pain points: Carling's vision for the Alexa integration was sparked by observing his own in-laws struggle with manual thermostat adjustments. Recognizing the broader needs of residents with mobility limitations or vision impairments, Fellowship Square-Mesa implemented smart thermostats controlled by voice commands. This seemingly simple solution significantly improved resident independence and comfort, while contributing to cost savings through optimized energy consumption. Implementing these smart thermostats resulted in a 602,000 kilowatt-hour reduction in annual electricity use, translating to cost savings of thousands of dollars a year. This immediate return on investment demonstrates the project's financial viability and potential for scalability.

Expanding the service portfolio: Alexa's capabilities extend far beyond temperature control. Residents now enjoy voice-activated lighting, personalized music playlists, and immediate access to information. Loneliness is combated through audiobooks and news updates, fostering a sense of connection and engagement. Moreover, Alexa enhances safety by reminding residents of medication schedules and conducting regular health check-ins, providing peace of mind for both residents and families. These features contribute to improved resident satisfaction and reduced staff workload, further optimizing operational efficiency and generating long-term cost benefits.

Data-driven optimization: The integration of Alexa with electronic medical records streamlines medication management, eliminating manual processes and minimizing the risk of error. This not only improves resident safety but also translates to significant savings in administrative costs. Furthermore, Fellowship Square Mesa leverages data insights from Alexa usage to tailor services and optimize resource allocation, leading to improved operational efficiency and a reduction in unnecessary expenses.

Fellowship Square Mesa is leveraging Alexa Smart Properties to empower residents with a sense of independence (Image credit: Fellowship Square Mesa)


Collaboration fuels success: Carling acknowledges the crucial role of a strong collaboration with Amazon in enabling Fellowship Square Mesa's success. Collaborative efforts ensured seamless technology integration, ongoing technical support, and access to cutting-edge features. This mutually beneficial collaboration demonstrates the power of teaming up to drive innovation within the senior living sector and maximizing value for both parties.

Investing in the future: The implementation of Alexa at Fellowship Square-Mesa is not merely a technological upgrade, but rather a strategic investment in the future of senior living. By prioritizing resident well-being, optimizing operational efficiency, and embracing technological advancements, Fellowship Square Mesa establishes itself as a leader in providing a superior resident experience and a demonstrably cost-effective business model. Carling concludes, "Our commitment extends beyond offering amenities; we are crafting a future where seniors thrive in a technology-enabled environment, fostering independence, connection, peace of mind, and measurable positive financial outcomes."

Visit the Alexa Smart Properties page to learn more. You can also fill out this short form if you are interested in learning more, and someone from our team will contact you.

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