"A shared vision with Amazon to create unprecedented value for customers": Akira Toyoshima, CEO of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication

Arun Krishnan Jan 09, 2024
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At CES 2024, Panasonic is showcasing several new ways customers can uplevel their experience in a variety of areas from wellbeing to entertainment. The company is also demonstrating sustainable energy solutions and circular economy initiatives designed to optimize the use of natural resources.

Panasonic Entertainment & Communication will showcase the company’s Z95A and Z93A TVs at the event. The Z95A, which features an Amazon Fire TV built in integration, utilizes a Master OLED Ultimate panel module that is equipped with state-of-the-art Micro Lens Array and a multi-layer heat management configuration to deliver top-of-the-line brightness. A brand new HCX Pro AI Processor MKII in both Z95A and Z93A powers the new 4K Remaster Engine, which elevates streaming picture clarity by combining AI and mathematical models for crisp, natural images, and superior streaming noise reduction.

In a world of content overload, the Z95A and Z93A stand out with their unique ability to aggregate content from both broadcast and streaming services. This content-forward approach, made possible by Fire TV Built In, offers viewers an unparalleled, streamlined experience in content discovery and consumption. In addition, users can use Alexa to do things like control their smart home and access relevant content in intuitive ways, all with just their voice.

Finally, when not in use for viewing content, the Z95A and Z93A models transform into dynamic displays. The Fire TV Ambient Experience turns the biggest screen in your home into a beautiful, always-smart display. This can turn the TV into an in-home gallery, display personal photos, and show glanceable information like calendars and reminders through customizable Alexa widgets.

In this conversation, Akira Toyoshima, CEO of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication, talks about the Fire TV integration, the value it provides to customers, and his vision for the future of home entertainment.

Akira Toyoshima, CEO of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication


What are you announcing with Amazon at CES?

Panasonic and Amazon are excited to announce a collaboration aimed at revolutionizing the TV experience. We're combining Panasonic's expertise in delivering high-quality picture and sound with Amazon Fire TV's proficiency in user experience and content. Our goal is to introduce TVs that offer not just superior audiovisual quality but also an enhanced customer experience. In 2024, our global flagship models will be equipped with Fire TV Built-In and feature Panasonic's cutting-edge AI for auto-optimized picture quality. We're committed to expanding our lineup with Fire TV Built-in models globally.

Why did you decide to pursue an integration with Fire TV?

Our decision to integrate Fire TV stems from a shared vision with Amazon to create unprecedented value for our customers. By merging Amazon's rich content, user experience, cutting-edge AI voice recognition enabled with services such as Alexa, and other systems with Panasonic's advanced picture and sound technologies, we aim to craft TVs that redefine the digital multi-screen era. Our collaboration leverages our combined strengths in hardware, software, IoT, and high-quality manufacturing to offer a user experience that transcends conventional TVs.

What are some exciting developments you foresee for the future of ambient computing and home entertainment?

The future of ambient computing and AI holds the promise of personalized and stress-free content discovery, seamlessly integrating across different spaces and devices. We envision a world where entertainment and information adapt to each individual's lifestyle, providing optimal audiovisual experiences for immersion or sharing emotions. This evolution in content interaction will enhance the quality of life, offering moments of excitement and relaxation, and contribute significantly to individual wellbeing and enrichment.

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