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Alexa Food Skills

Our goal is for Alexa to make the process of finding and ordering from restaurants convenient for customers. Our Food Skill APIs help with skill discovery by routing utterances such as "Alexa, order pizza for delivery" to appropriate restaurants and delivery providers.

Every year, Alexa delivers restaurant recommendations on screens and in response to food-related questions. Alexa helps customers find the most relevant results for what and where to eat based on location settings and personal preferences. Our Food Skill APIs offer three functionalities - discovery, ordering, and tracking—that you can use individually or in combination to create delightful customer experiences.

Alexa food skills
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Food Skill Key Features


Discovery ties together top-level routing, visuals, location, and preference data so that customers can easily find nearby places to order food.


Customers can order from a selected restaurant with or without Alexa. Ordering APIs connect with back-end systems so that customers can checkout from their devices for simple orders or they can order through a provider’s mobile website or app.


Order tracking allows customers to get order status from Alexa. Tracking APIs enable you to push order updates to Alexa using proactive messaging and visuals on Echo Show screens.

Food Ordering

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Partner Highlight: Domino’s

“We are excited about the tools and APIs that are being built for restaurants, The deals and offers API makes it possible for us to help our customers discover the perfect dinner deal by simply using their voice. It’s convenient, natural, and makes our skill more relevant when takeout is top of mind.”

- Chris Roeser, Director, Digital Experience

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