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Amazon Appstore Listing and Promotion Policy

Listing your app at Amazon exposes it to tens of millions of Amazon customers who can spread the word about your brands and products. Amazon’s automated and targeted marketing provides a unique and personalized experience for every Amazon customer. Algorithms use historical customer behavior to recommend products to each customer. Optimizing the marketing content that you provide to Amazon with your app submission will maximize your exposure.

Granting Amazon Access for App Review

Amazon tests submitted apps as part of the review process before publishing apps to the Amazon Appstore. If Amazon is not able to test your in-app content, Amazon will not publish your app.

Two common causes could prevent Amazon from being able to test your app's content:

  • Launch issues with the app itself.
  • Not providing Amazon with test login credentials, if required.

For apps that require users to login before use, provide Amazon with a set of test login credentials in the Testing Instructions field during app submission. See Step 4: Review and Submit of the app submission workflow.

Additionally, providing the appropriate login credentials to your app will enable Amazon to provide more directed feedback with regards to any app testing failures.

App Submission and Metadata Requirements

The metadata for your app must be accurate, must not include any IP or copyright violations, must not contain any app or in-app item (IAP) pricing, and must not contain any Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Metadata includes the following information and assets for your app:

  • App Title
  • Display Title (shown in the Amazon Appstore)
  • Display Category (shown in the Amazon Appstore)
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Product feature bullets
  • Keywords
  • Images, including your app icon, screenshots, and any promotional images. See Images and videos.

Examples of Listing and Metadata violations

The examples in this section describe specific app scenarios that violate the Amazon Appstore Content Policies. These lists are not exhaustive, and the examples may change over time as new scenarios arise.

  1. An app that lacks an English product description (excluding apps that target only Germany or Japan).
  2. The app or its metadata are not unique from other apps you have previously submitted.
  3. An app that lists the prices of IAP items or ASINs in its metadata, or has an unreasonably high list price.
  4. Metadata that violates IP rights of a third party, including metadata updates where the app has not changed.
  5. Apps that override the native user experience, such as with a lockscreen or widget.
  6. Apps with inaccurate category classifications.

Ratings, Reviews, and Installs

Amazon does not permit apps or app developers to offer bonus incentives (for example, Amazon Coins or other in-game currencies) in return for ratings and reviews. Additionally, you are not permitted to incentivize people to click, download, or install your app as a way to boost the numbers for your app's user base. Amazon does not permit apps or app developers to manipulate customer reviews, chart rankings, customer ratings, or discoverability using fraudulent or illegitimate methods.

Last updated: Dec 13, 2023