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Fire TV Advertising Policies

Apps on Fire TV that include advertising (Fire TV Ad-Enabled Apps) must adhere to the following Fire TV Advertising Policies (Advertising Policies). The Advertising Policies may change from time to time, and it is the developer’s responsibility to keep up to date with the Advertising Policies and to ensure their apps and any advertising networks used to deliver advertisements in their apps comply with the Advertising Policies. If a Fire TV Ad-Enabled App violates any of the Advertising Policies, we reserve the right to take appropriate action, which may include removing the app from the Appstore.

Advertising Content Policies

Amazon’s Advertising Content Policies, described below, set forth certain restrictions regarding advertisements within Fire TV Ad-Enabled Apps. The Advertising Content Policies apply globally. Apps that use other Amazon services to serve or publish advertisements (e.g., Amazon Advertising) must also comply with the policies governing those services.

  • Offensive Advertising: We prohibit advertising that is offensive and we reserve the right to determine what is offensive at our sole discretion. Our determination of whether content is offensive may vary by region. We also reserve the right to publish content ratings for Fire TV Ad-Enabled Apps based on the content of advertising displayed within those apps.

  • Pornography: We prohibit advertising containing pornography or that depicts graphic sexual acts or sexually explicit material.

  • Illegal Activity: Advertising must comply with all applicable laws, and we do not allow ads that facilitate or promote illegal activities. Developers are responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable law.

  • Intellectual Property: We prohibit advertising that infringes on intellectual property rights.

  • Privacy and Publicity: We prohibit advertising that infringes, or has the potential to infringe, upon an individual’s privacy or right of publicity or that portrays an individual in a false light.

  • Deceptive Advertising: We prohibit advertising with deceptive, false, or misleading content.

  • Alexa: We prohibit advertising that references or invokes Alexa without prior written approval from the Amazon Alexa team.

  • Interference: We prohibit advertising that interferes with other apps, other advertisements, or Fire TV operations. For example, we prohibit ads that are displayed to users in unexpected ways, that may result in inadvertent clicks, or that impair or interfere with the usability of device functions.

  • Extreme Violence: We prohibit advertising that depicts extreme violence or gore. Advertising that depicts moderate levels of violence should only be directed to the appropriate audience.

Inventory Optimization Policy

Fire TV Ad-Enabled Apps that meet the usage thresholds listed below must integrate with Amazon Publisher Services (APS) and provide Amazon with 30% of total advertising impressions available in the Fire TV Ad-Enabled App per region. Amazon will retain 100% of the revenue from these impressions, which must be provided at no cost to Amazon and without excluding or limiting Amazon’s access to times, programs, or categories. Use of APS is subject to the Amazon Publisher Services Agreement available here.

The table below provides more detail about the Inventory Optimization Policy, including the regions to which the policy applies, the date on which it became or will become effective for each region, and the usage threshold applicable to each region. The usage thresholds represent the total time a Fire TV Ad-Enabled App must be used on a monthly basis in a region for the app to become subject to the Inventory Optimization Policy.

Effective Date Region(s) Usage Threshold (as calculated by Amazon)
September 30, 2018 United States 50,000 hours
September 1, 2023 Mexico 30,000 hours
September 1, 2023 Canada 30,000 hours

Third-Party Ad Network Policy

Upon Amazon’s request, developers of Fire TV Ad-Enabled Apps that are subject to the Inventory Optimization Policy must disclose what third-party ad networks (i.e., networks not owned by Amazon) are used in their apps.

Developers must provide this information to Amazon within 30 days of such request. Amazon may request that developers remove third-party ad networks from their apps. In the event Amazon makes such a request to a developer, the third-party ad networks must be removed within 6 months of such a request.

Exceptions to Inventory Optimization Policy and Third-Party Ad Network Policy

Apps directed at children who are under any specified age threshold as defined by applicable law (e.g., the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) are exempt from the Inventory Optimization Policy and the Third-Party Ad Network Policy.

Last updated: Mar 22, 2023