Virtual healthcare delivery platform hellocare announces Alexa Smart Properties Integration at HIMSS 2024

Arun Krishnan Mar 11, 2024
Alexa Skills Smart Properties

Leading virtual healthcare delivery platform hellocare announced an integration with Alexa Smart Properties at the HIMSS 2024 healthcare conference in Orlando.

Today, hospitals, family care facilities, and primary care clinics leverage hellocare’s platform powered by state-of-the-art hardware, software, and artificial intelligence to provide virtual patient care, streamline operations, and improve patient health outcomes. The Alexa integration enhances the healthcare experience by allowing patients to place calls, request care from doctors and nurses using just their voice, and enjoy activities such as playing music and accessing information - experiences customers around the world have come to expect from Alexa.

Patients will interact with the hellocare platform through the Hello 2 device, which is plugged into their TV sets. The Alexa Built-in device, Hello 2, provides a simple and intuitive interface enabling customers to access content, connect with caregivers, watch TV shows, and more. With the integration announced today, healthcare providers with Hello 2 devices installed on their premises can offer customers the benefits of Alexa without incurring additional costs or requiring extra table space or power access points.

“Healthcare environments, particularly hospitals, can often feel intimidating and impersonal,” says Labinot Bytyqi, CEO, and founder of hellocare. “With the Alexa integration, we not only enhance their comfort but also empower them with a sense of control over their environment. The Alexa integration is especially profound because it helps patients create a space that feels familiar and responsive to their needs.”

Alexa Smart Properties builds customized solutions to enable solution providers and commercial properties to deploy and manage Alexa devices and experiences at scale. Alexa Smart Properties for Healthcare helps keep patients connected and engaged by assisting them in adapting to their surroundings and feeling more independent during their stay. Healthcare organizations like BayCare Health System leverage Alexa Smart Properties for healthcare to handle routine questions and streamline work, reducing the burden on care teams and enabling them to interact with patients in deeply personalized and meaningful ways.

Alexa Smart Properties provides healthcare organizations with a friction-free setup with APIs and a web user interface that makes it easy to set up, roll out, and centrally manage a fleet of devices across a health system.

“Integrating Alexa Smart Properties into our hellocare devices and platform was straightforward. Our team has deep knowledge in audio acoustics and working with modem architecture integrations via APIs. However, the Alexa Smart Properties team made things really simple with their onboarding process and ongoing support,” says Bytyqi.

The integration of hellocare with Alexa will be available to customers starting today. Healthcare providers can enable the integration by contacting their hellocare customer representative. If you are a healthcare organization or solution provider interested in learning more about Alexa Smart Properties, please contact us

About hellocare

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Clearwater, FL, hellocare is revolutionizing healthcare with AI as a leading virtual nursing platform. Offering Virtual Nursing, Telehealth, and AI-driven Virtual Sitting, it specializes in patient mobility analysis, fall prevention, inactivity detection, and hand hygiene monitoring. Its innovative integration with Alexa enables patients and care teams to use voice commands for efficient service delivery, enhancing care coordination and support. hellocare serves over 60 health systems and 150 hospitals, providing individual and multi-patient monitoring that integrates seamlessly with third-party systems. Emphasizing accessibility and emotional support, it offers virtual inpatient services and NICU family visits, setting new standards in technology-driven, patient-centered care.

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