How to Make the Most of Alexa Live 2020

Michelle Wallace Jul 15, 2020
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Can you believe that Alexa Live, our virtual developer community event on July 22, is just one week away? In seven short days, the developer community will come together for a half-day packed with learning and inspiration. Whether you’re a skill builder, device maker, or business leader, this free event has something for you. Register now so you don’t miss out.

As you get ready for Alexa Live, check out these tips for making the most out of the event

1. Plan Your Personalized Schedule

Alexa Live will feature 16 educational sessions from 30+ expert speakers in five dedicated tracks—whether you build Alexa skills, create Alexa devices, or lead a business that’s incorporating voice, you’ll find content that’s relevant to you. Our tracks offer tailored content for multiple use cases, including building Alexa devices, incorporating voice into your business, and several topics for skill builders. You can choose to follow one track for the whole event, or you can hand-pick sessions from multiple tracks to build a personalized schedule.

Check out our tracks to see what piques your interest. Once you register for Alexa Live, you’ll get instant access to the full speaker and session catalog so you can dive deeper into each session.

2. Brush Up on Your Knowledge Before the Event

Once you’ve planned your Alexa Live schedule, spend a little time brushing up on historical knowledge so it’s fresh in your mind. If you’ll be attending sessions about Alexa skills, check out our tutorials and code samples for Alexa skills or head over to the Alexa Skills Kit blog for deep dives on a wide range of topics. If you’ll be attending sessions about Alexa devices, check out our resources for using the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and building Alexa connected devices. You can also get the latest news and tips on the device makers blog, or dive deep in an AVS tutorial.

If you’re brand new to building Alexa skills or devices, no need to worry. Alexa Live is a great opportunity to get started on your Alexa development journey. To make the most out of sessions, we recommend that skill builders take our beginner tutorial and device makers check out case studies for AVS and connected devices to learn what’s possible before the event.

3. Come Prepared with a New or Existing Project

Alexa Live is a great opportunity to accelerate an existing project, or gain momentum on a brand new project. Before the event, take some time to organize any relevant notes on a project you’d like to advance—or consider a new project you could start. Are there specific topics you want to learn more about? Do you have any questions or challenges that could benefit from an expert opinion? Jot them down!

At Alexa Live, you’ll also learn about Alexa solution providers that can help you advance a voice project for your business. If you’re looking for help with your voice strategy or integration, take a look at our Development Services track and learn more about what solution providers offer for Alexa skills and devices.

4. Get Your Questions Ready for Live Chat

At Alexa Live, you’ll be able to connect with Alexa experts to get your business and technical questions answered. Breakout sessions will feature live chat, allowing you to interact in real time with audience members and members of the Amazon team. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get help on your projects, or just make some new connections in the community. Bring your questions to breakout sessions and plan to ask them in the chat box.

5. Attend the Keynote and Closing Remarks

To take advantage of all Alexa Live has to offer, make sure to attend our full lineup of sessions. The event will kick off with opening remarks from VP Alexa Voice Service & Alexa Skills, Aaron Rubenson, and a keynote presented by Nedim Fresko, VP Alexa Devices & Developers, where you’ll hear about the latest advancements in voice technology. But the learning won’t end there—we have more than four hours packed with learning and inspiration, all the way up until the closing remarks from Miriam Daniel, VP Echo Devices & Alexa Skills Kit, who will share our vision for the future of voice. Make sure your calendar is blocked for the half-day so you don’t miss out.

After the event, registrants will also have access to on-demand session recordings, so you can attend any sessions you may have missed, or re-watch your favorite sessions.

Don’t Miss Out—Register for Alexa Live Today

Alexa Live is only one week away, and we can’t wait to join you for this half-day of learning, inspiration, and community connections. Haven’t registered yet? Register now for free and you’ll get instant access to the speaker and session catalog so you can start preparing for your Alexa Live experience today. We’ll see you on July 22!

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