Alexa Voice Service Tutorials

Learn How to Prototype Your Own Alexa Device

Prototype Alexa Devices with Self-Service Tutorials

Products with the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) built-in provide customers with a convenient voice-forward user interface, making it easy to access cloud-based Alexa features. Learn how to prototype your own device with Alexa built-in by following our self-service tutorials.

Introductory Tutorials

Create Your Developer Account and AVS Device Profile

Create an Alexa Developer Account and Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Device Profile to gain access to cloud-based AVS features. Complete this tutorial first.

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Build an Alexa Prototype with a Raspberry Pi

Set up a working Alexa prototype that you can talk to with AVS and a Raspberry Pi. Required components include a Raspberry Pi, microSD card, speaker, and microphone.

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Advanced Tutorials

Add Sounds to Communicate Device State

Sounds indicate device state even when you can't see your product. Learn how to enhance your Attention System with an audio indicator upon wake word recognition.

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Modify Your Focus Manager

Modify your device’s channel priorities for your unique Alexa use case. Learn how to customize your Alexa device so that less important information doesn’t interrupt the customer experience.

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Use LEDs to Visually Indicate Device State

LEDs help communicate device state, such as Alexa is “Thinking” or “Speaking.” Learn how to add LEDs to your Attention System when designing your Alexa device.

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