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Alexa Connected Devices

What Will You Connect to Alexa?

From household devices that people use every day like lights and locks, to new devices that only you can imagine, you can connect any device to Alexa to deliver a better customer experience. With Alexa, you can enable customers to control your device using their voice, and automatically using Alexa Routines. You can also build fun accessories that respond in synchronization with a customer’s Echo device. And you can certify your products through the Works with Alexa program to make it easy for customers to discover them and to ensure an intuitive and hassle-free experience.

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Supported Device Types

With our smart device developer tools, you can connect any device to Alexa, and you can find resources to get started with common devices types below.


You can allow customers to turn smart lights on and off, change the brightness of lights, and specify colors and color temperatures using Alexa.


Your customers can ask Alexa to view live and recorded video feeds from your smart home cameras on Echo Show, Echo Spot, and FireTV. You can specify a variety of camera stream attributes including protocol, resolution, authorization type, and codecs.


You can enable customers to use Alexa to control thermostat settings and to query current temperatures. We support single, dual, and triple set-point thermostats, as well as mode query and control.

Cooking Devices

Your customers can control your conventional ovens, pressure cookers, coffee makers, toasters, slow cookers, and other cooking devices using Alexa. You can enable hands-free voice control and provide status updates in the Alexa app.

Entertainment Devices

You can enable voice control of smart TVs, receivers, and other entertainment devices including inputs, channels, and speakers. Playback controls enable customers to fast forward, rewind, pause, and more.

Door Locks

Alexa can check the state of door locks, and lock them for your customers. You can choose whether to respond to lock requests synchronously or asynchronously, depending on, among other factors, how fast your device can complete the request.

Smart Toys

You can integrate immersive Alexa interactions with your smart toy products. There’s no shortage of imaginative experiences, content, and brands that can be brought to life through board games, action figures, novelties, and more.

Smart Clocks

You can combine sensible functionality with customer delight when you connect your timepiece to Alexa. Access innovative technology that extends the very best of Alexa’s time-keeping and timer capabilities to your product, allowing you to design standout, smart clock experiences.

Other Smart Devices

The Smart Home Skill API is flexible enough to support almost any smart device. You can use our device interfaces like building blocks, putting them together in interesting ways to support any device – including garage door openers, sensors, shades, and more. You can use our device templates to get started.

See What Others Have Built With Alexa

The set of Alexa Connected products continues to grow. Browse a broad range of compatible products on Amazon.com for Alexa Smart Home and Alexa Gadgets, and learn about the specific examples below and in our developer spotlight.

Wyze Labs: Smart Cameras

“The Works with Alexa program opens up a huge number of opportunities for partnerships, visibility, and general customer awareness of our products,” says Elana Fishman, Co-Founder and COO, Wyze Labs. “Works with Alexa has helped us grow our sales even faster by expanding both our online and offline footprint, while delivering a great experience to our customers.”

Gemmy: Dancing Plush Animatronics

Using the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit, Gemmy created a variety of dancing plush animatronics that respond to customer interactions with Alexa, such as lip syncing to Alexa's reading of the weather report, reacting to timers, and moving and grooving to tunes from Amazon Music.

Haiku Home: Smart Ceiling Fans

Big Ass Fans (BAF) felt voice was definitely the user interface of the future. BAF customers can simply say, "Alexa, turn up the fan" to control their smart ceiling fan - no wall switch or mobile app required.

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