Customers Can Now Use Alexa to Stay Up to Date With School

Marissa Mierow Nov 25, 2019
Education Skills Build News

A couple months ago, we announced that the Alexa Education Skills API available was in Preview. Today, we are happy to announce that the first four skills built with the Alexa Education Skills API are now available on Alexa!

Both students and parents struggle to stay on top of school communications and when assignments are due. Part of the challenge to staying organized is that there is no single source for all information; it is scattered across multiple apps and websites that are selected by schools and/or teachers. With the launch of skills using the Alexa Education Skills API, customers can now access this information through voice, saving the time and hassle of multiple logins. Just ask Alexa, and she can aggregate the information from Education skills all in one response, creating a faster and more convenient way to access education information.

As a reminder, the Alexa Education Skill API is a set of interfaces that allow Education Technology (Ed Tech) developers to build voice experiences. The Alexa Education Skill API integrates with Ed Tech systems such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), Classroom Management providers, and massively open online course (MOOC) platforms quickly and easily. Parents and students 13 and older can request information about school work and assignments directly from Alexa without the added step of opening a skill. Simply ask, “Alexa, what did Kaylee do in school today?” or “Alexa, what is my homework tonight?”

The new education skill now available to customers include:

  • Kickboard: Allows parents to receive school communications about their child’s behavior in school.
  • Parent Square: Enables parents to get school messages, posts and updates with Alexa to help parents stay connected to school.
  • Coursera: Allows students over 13 to stay updated on their coursework and check their progress for any courses they are enrolled in on the Coursera platform.
  • Canvas: Updates their existing Canvas skill to enable customers to ask for updates on Assignments and School Communications for parents and students over 13.

Megan Bertrand, a Vice Principal at the Academy for International Education said: “As a Vice Principal of a K-12 school, I am constantly striving to identify and implement dynamic ways to promote family engagement. By connecting Amazon Alexa to Kickboard, families are now able to interact with real-time, personalized data in a convenient and stimulating way... Alexa provides families with a convenient space to navigate, engage and explore.”

Anupama Vaid, ParentSquare's Founder & President, said "publishing our Alexa Education skill has created a new way for parents to stay connected to their school using ParentSquare. Alexa helps make it easier for parents to receive communications, which helps schools and teachers by increasing engagement which ultimately helps students succeed.”

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