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Alexa Built-in

What is Alexa Built-in?

Alexa Built-in refers to products that have an integrated Alexa experience on first run, and do not require an Amazon Echo device or any other Alexa Built-in device for Alexa to work. Products that qualify as Alexa Built-in may use the Alexa Built-in badge on marketing materials, including product packaging, online placements and marketing collateral, in accordance with guidelines.

To qualify as Alexa Built-in, a product must, meet security requirements, pass certification, maintain a favorable customer experience, and use the latest API functionality. Learn more about the Alexa built-in program here


Alexa Built-in PC Requirements

In addition to meeting the Alexa Built-in requirements, PCs must meet the following qualifications to be called Alexa Built-in:

  • Alexa is available (preloaded) on first run of the machine
  • Device has passed acoustic certification