Alexa Built-in PC

Messaging Playbook

What is this guide?

  • If you’ve created a computing device with Alexa Built-in and have completed Amazon’s functional, security, and testing requirements, you’re eligible to use the Alexa Built-in badge and certain Alexa messaging in your packaging, advertising and promotional materials.

  • This guide is to help computing device OEMs who are eligible to use the Alexa brand, to understand and navigate how to apply the Amazon requirements with their specific product type. Using and adhering to these guidelines is required. A consistent brand and user experience is a large aspect of building trust with customers.

  • There are additional Alexa brand guidelines beyond this messaging which include Alexa badges and logo requirements, colors, typography, speech bubbles, photography and co-branding guidelines. Please refer to these additional guidelines here.

  • ALL marketing materials must be sent to Amazon for written review and approval. This guide includes recommended messaging, brand and legal guidelines for you to use as a reference. Using the recommendations in this playbook will accelerate reviews and approvals.


Who are these guidelines for?

Alexa Built-in Device Makers

This guide is to help PC OEMs who use the Alexa brand – if you’re building and launching a device with Alexa Built-in, you must adhere to the Alexa guidelines here. Consistency of the Alexa brand, as well as clarity of use and integration of Alexa, is a large part of what makes the Alexa experience valuable for customers. Using and adhering to these guidelines will not only help protect our product integrity but will also help customers instantly recognize references to Alexa. A consistent brand and user experience is a large aspect of building trust with customers.

Alexa Built-in products typically require a device with a microphone array for audio pickup, a processor to run the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) client, internet connectivity to send audio to the cloud, and a speaker to play back audio for the customer. 


For more details, see the Alexa Built-in Badging Program.


What is the review and approval process? 

All marketing materials, which include but are not limited to press releases, packaging, retail fixtures, websites, Amazon product detail page content, TV campaigns, and videos that reference Alexa must be sent to the following email addresses for written approval. Please allow up to 10 business days for review and feedback. For more details, see the Brand Review Process.

Alexa Built-in Approvals (US/Global, Non-EU/JP) :

Alexa Built-in Approvals (EU) :

Alexa Built-in Approvals (JP) :

Alexa Built-in Approvals (IN) :