Trademark Guidelines

The below guidelines should be observed for all uses of the Amazon Trademarks, including Amazon Trademarks that are not in the Echo devices family (“Trademarks”). For the Non-Exhaustive List of Amazon Trademarks, see here.

  • Do not alter the Trademarks, including shortening them (e.g., Dot rather than Echo Dot), or changing the proportion, color, font, or adding or removing any element(s) when in logo format.
  • Do not use Trademarks as a verb (e.g., Echo your love for new skills)
  • Do not use Trademarks as a pun (e.g., Fire up the content selection on your Kindle device)
  • Do not use Trademarks in possessive or plural (e.g., Echo’s newest features just launched, enter now to win two Echoes)
  • Do not use TM or ® symbols, including for 3P trademarks. If an exception is needed, business VP approval must be obtained.
  • Do not directly combine 3P trademarks with Amazon Trademarks (e.g., [3P brand name] [Amazon Trademarks]. This implies ownership of and/or endorsement from the Amazon Trademarks.
  • The correct convention when referring to Alexa skills is “[3P skill name] skill for Amazon Alexa” (not “3P Alexa skill”).
  • Exceptions are as follows:
    • Significant marketing deals (generally outside of the Developer Program). Such logos must be approved by the applicable marketing team and trademarks.
    • The trademark attribution language should always be included, except if there are space constraints. [AMAZON BRAND], [AMAZON BRAND], and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
    • Each Amazon brand that is depicted in the creative should be included in the attribution.
    • The trademark attribution language can be translated if desired, provided that none of the Amazon Trademarks themselves are translated. Do not translate any Amazon Trademarks unless approval is given by the Devices Trademarks team.
  • Avoid using Amazon taglines (e.g., “Just ask,” “Always ready, connected, and fast”) in ways that we haven’t used them previously (e.g., if we haven’t used it in print, don’t use it in print). New Amazon taglines require a minimum of two weeks for trademark clearance.
  • Follow all branding requirements with respect to logo placement, color, backgrounds, etc.

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