Integration Guidelines

What are Alexa Integrations?

Alexa Integrations (e.g. product placement) are any instances (whether paid, unpaid, or organic) where Alexa or devices with Alexa are highlighted in TV shows, movies, online videos, radio (terrestrial or streaming), podcasts, etc., outside of a common advertising media buy. Integrations are leveraged as a way to demonstrate how Alexa can make a difference in a customer’s everyday life by providing helpful, entertaining, and delightful experiences.

Who should be referencing this information?

Anyone using Alexa and/or devices with Alexa within TV shows, movies, online videos, radio, podcasts, etc.

Why is Alexa brand and device accuracy important for Integrations?

If Alexa and/or a device with Alexa is not featured accurately in an Integration it can cause customer confusion and distrust.


Do's and Don'ts


  • Stay authentic to the show, characters, and environments. The Integration should not take away from the show itself. 
  • Shoot scenes with devices from a wide angle and include talent in the frame to avoid the scene feeling too ad-like. 
  • Feature Alexa and/or devices with Alexa in modern/present day. Near-term flashbacks or flash-forwards are okay, but jumping years into the past or future is not. 
  • Follow the additional Interaction guidance 


  • Don't zoom in or punch in on the device. It should feel like a natural part of the set/environment/show and not a paid placement. 
  • Don't feature Alexa or devices with Alexa in scenes that are particularly political, sexual, violent, or include/reference drug use, either verbally or visually.
  • Don't feature Alexa or devices with Alexa in scenarios that suggest spying, privacy violations, or surveillance. Additionally, don't imply that Alexa is "always listening". For example, don't integrate into a scenario that indicates that Alexa knows what you're thinking or responds without the wake word. 


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