Product Wrap Guidelines

If a non-Amazon brand wants to add a product wrap to an Echo device, please follow the guidelines here.

  • Non-Amazon brands cannot directly or indirectly sell the wrapped devices.
  • External branding should not be positioned in a way that interferes with Amazon branding (e.g., covering the device logos, placing an external logo directly alongside/too close to the Amazon device logo).
  • The product wrapped branding should not obstruct the light indicator, microphones, screens, buttons, or required notices on the device or interfere in any way with the overall functionality of the device.
  • The design of the wrap should not replicate or alter any trademarks or trade dress of Amazon (e.g., utilize Amazon logos or the light ring as decorative elements on the wrap itself).
  • If a name is used for the wrap, it should not include a trademark of Amazon other than to describe that it is a wrap for an Echo device (e.g., calling the wrap an "EchoDress," "EchoSticker," etc., is not okay, but "Joe's Wrap for Echo Dot" is okay).
  • The wrap cannot contain any content directed at children, except if the device is the Echo Dot Kids Edition.
  • All wraps require review and approval by Amazon. Please submit for approval to
  • Devices that are wrapped should be distributed with the original box and other in-box documentation.

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