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Amazon Complete Font Set

Complete set of all Amazon fonts.

Typography plays an important role in Amazon Echo brand recognition. It communicates a consistent, unified identity and gives instant personality to our written words. Amazon Ember is the master brand font for all Amazon products and services.


Amazon Ember

Brought to you by the letter 'A'

For Amazon Echo, two weights may be used: Amazon Ember Light and Amazon Ember Bold.


Amazon Ember Light

Brought to you by the letter 'A'

Amazon Ember Light is a clean, modern typeface that conveys a simplicity and charm that matches the Amazon Echo brand personality.


Amazon Ember Bold

Brought to you by the letter 'A'

Amazon Ember Bold is strong, easy, and simple. Use it for subheads, calls to action, and as part of body copy for emphasis.

No more than 10 consecutive words should be set in Amazon Ember Bold to ensure brevity, simplicity of thought, and clear areas of emphasis.


Amazon Ember Display

Brought to you by the letter 'A'

Display weights have different characteristics and should be used for brand names, large scale applications (over 72 pt), headlines, or single-word callouts.



1. Headlines

Headlines are set in Amazon Ember Display Light. Use sentence case and proper punctuation. The space after a headline should be between ¼ –⅔ times the leading.

2. Subheads

Subheads are set in Amazon Ember Bold and are attached to body copy on a new line or as a lead-in within the first paragraph. They should be no more than ½ the point size of the headline font.

3. Body Copy

Body copy is set in Amazon Ember Light. It should always be left-aligned and never exceed 15 words per line.

4. Tracking and leading

Tracking on both headlines and body copy should be set to 0 in most cases. Optical kerning is suggested for use on headlines.

Leading should be set to roughly 1⅓ the type size.

5. White space

White space is important to convey a sense of simplicity and ease. All copy must be at least two (2) cap-height units away from all borders and 1.5 cap-height units away from all other foreground objects.

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