Alexa Badges

Any developer that is incorporating Alexa badges, logos, or symbols into their content should use the guidance outlined below. Use of other Amazon Alexa trademarks requires specific approval from your marketing manager to use. All Alexa logos can only be used on Amazon-owned creative, unless specifically approved by Amazon for other use. Please first refer to our badge guidance below for additional resources regarding marketing non-Amazon owned assets, products, or services.

Unless there are space constraints, all assets that use these logos or badges must include the following attribution: “Amazon, Alexa, and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.”  Broadcast and print assets must always have the attribution. Please refer to the Trademark Guidelines for more information.

What is an Alexa Badge?

Alexa-branded badges help communicate the relationship between Alexa and your products or services. We encourage all qualified products to leverage the appropriate badge to drive consistency and brand recognition. Certified products can integrate badges into product packaging, online placements, and marketing collateral. *Don't use multiple badges in your marketing collateral.*


Types of Alexa Badges

Works with Alexa

Developer Type:

Smart home and accessory device makers that work with Alexa-enabled devices

Works with Alexa badge


Alexa Built-in

Developer Type:

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) developers of Alexa Built-in devices

alexa built-in badge

Just Ask Alexa

Developer Type:

Alexa skill developer (excluding smart home)

just ask alexa badge


Badge Usage Guidelines

Badge Color Use

alexa badges color use

Various color versions of the Alexa badges are available to allow flexibility for application on different backgrounds.


Clear Space

badge clear space diagram


Clear space is the area around the logo that should remain free of any other logos, graphics, text, or borders.

While more is better, the minimum clear space for the logo should be equivalent to half the height of the Alexa icon.


Minimum Size

minimum size diagram


Horizontal badges must be no smaller than .5 inches high for print, 38 px for 1x resolution screens, or 76 px for 2x resolution screens. Sizes below this can damage the badges’ integrity.


Incorrect Badge Usage

Do not recolor the badge

Do not add special effects to the badge

Do not create new badges

Do not place the badge over a photo background that does not have enough contrast

Do not outline the badge

Do not add elements to the badge