Indicator Guidance

Light Ring

Depict the device as accurately as possible. Show the correct light indicator depending on whether Amazon Echo devices are listening, thinking, or responding.


Primary Functionality

Listening: Directional blue

Use during an utterance.

echo listening ring
echo screen listening ring
echo on the go listening ring

Thinking: Alternating blue

Use immediately following an utterance, before Alexa responds.

echo thinking ring
echo screen thinking ring
echo on the go thinking ring

Responding: Pulsing blue

Use during an Alexa response to an utterance. Note: there is no light ring during Alexa responses on screened devices.

echo responding ring
echo on the go responding ring

Secondary Functionality

setup: orange ring
Setup: Cycling orange
mic muted: red ring
Microphone muted: Solid red
notification: yellow ring
Notification: Pulsing yellow
incoming call: green ring
Incoming call: Pulsing green
active call: green ring
Active call: Cycling green
volum: white ring
Volume: Contextual white
Error: pulsing purple ring
Error: Quickly pulsing purple
do not disturb slow purple ring
Do not disturb: Slowly pulsing purple
Away: cycling white ring
Away mode: Cycling white

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