Alexa Built-in PC

Messaging Playbook

Alexa Palm Rest Sticker

Palm Rest Sticker

The square Alexa Built-in sticker is for use on the palm rest of a certified Alexa Built-in Windows 10 PC. All other marketing placements should use the Alexa Built-in rectangular badge, if the product qualifies as Alexa Built-in. 

Alexa Built-in Brand Guidelines

The guidelines for the standard Alexa Built-in badge can be found here.

Alexa Built-in Sticker Styleguide V1

Sticker size: 18mm x 18mm


Squid Ink

CMYK: 53, 36, 0, 86

Alexa Blue

CMYK: 63, 0, 0, 0


CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Minimum Clear Space

Clear space is the area around the sticker that should remain free of any other logos, graphics, text, or borders. While more is better, the minimum clear space for the logo should be equivalent to half the height of the Alexa icon.

Minimum Size 18mm x 18mm

The Alexa Built-in sticker can be larger, but the minimum size is 18mm x 18mm.