Alexa Smile Logo Guidelines

Alexa Smile logos can only be used on Amazon-owned marketing creative unless specifically approved by Amazon for other use. Please review each logo and its usage guidelines prior to download or use.


Logo Usage

The Alexa Smile logo is the primary brand mark for all marketing and communications and should be used in all instances of Alexa brand attribution. 

Alexa smile logo
Alexa Smile Logo - Squid Ink

Alexa Smile logo color variations graphic

Color Variations

The Alexa Smile logo should be used in one of the color combinations shown whenever possible. If the logo is not able to be placed on a white or light colored background, the logo may appear reversed out of an Alexa Blue or Squid Ink background.

clear space diagram
Clear Space

Maintain a minimum amount of clear space around the Alexa Smile logo determined by the height of the typography. Clear space ensures the legibility and integrity of the Alexa Smile logo is not impeded by other graphic elements. The clear space scales in proportion to the size of the logo, so when the logo gets bigger, the clear space should, too.

minimum size diagram
Minimum Size

In order to preserve legibility do not scale the Alexa Smile logo smaller than the sizes recommended. The logo must be no smaller than .375 inches high for print, 30 px for 1x resolution screens, or 60 px for 2x resolution screens. The Amazon Alexa logo should be no smaller than .375 inches high for print, 26 px for 1x resolution screens, or 52 px for 2x resolution screens.


Incorrect Logo Usage

To preserve the integrity of the Alexa brand, make sure to apply the logo correctly. Altering, distorting, or redrawing the logo in any way weakens the power of the image and could create customer confusion.

Do not recolor the logo

Do not re-create the artwork

Do not outline the logo

Do not place the logo over a background that does not provide enough contrast
Do not add elements to the logo
Do not remove elements from the logo

Do not use the logo in a sentence

Do not place the logo over a background that is too busy

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